Qt Creator 4.2 released

Published Wednesday December 14th, 2016
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We are pleased to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.2

Qt SCXML Editor

Flat Dark Theme - Qt Creator 4.1
Qt SCXML is a new module in Qt that allows you to create state machines from State Chart XML and embed them into Qt C++ and Qt Quick applications (Overview). It was released as Technical Preview in Qt 5.7 and will be released fully supported with Qt 5.8.
Qt Creator 4.2 now supplements the Qt SCXML module by offering a graphical editor for SCXML (experimental). It features editing states and sub-states, transitions, events, and all kinds of properties. The editor is experimental and the plugin is not loaded by default. Turn it on in Help > About Plugins (Qt Creator > About Plugins on macOS) to try it.

Projects Mode

We reworked how you select the project and its diverse settings in Projects mode. Instead of nested tabs, you now select the project from a dropdown. The settings form a tree that shows all available kits and other categories, making for a much cleaner UI. Enabling use of a kit for a project is now easily done by clicking the entry in the tree. Please provide feedback on any remaining issues through our bug tracker.

Qt Quick Designer

State mapping via when condition - Qt Creator 4.2
Qt Quick Designer has received many smaller features in this release. In the connections editor, there is a new section for managing the imports and property definitions that are necessary for using C++ backend objects (documentation). Also, support for padding (Qt Quick 2.6) was added, and you can now edit the when condition of states, and the diverse font properties of text items.

CMake support

Several fixes and improvements were implemented, like: Improvement of performance when opening CMake projects, and support for predefined options for properties. In addition, Tobias contributed the server-mode to CMake in preparation for a much more complete CMake support in the next Qt Creator release.

QML Profiler

When profiling your QML code you now have the option to show memory usage and allocations as flame graphs as well. You can now position orientation lines.

Other Additions and Improvements

We added Tools > Diff > Diff Current File and Diff Open Files for showing a local diff of the modifications of files in Qt Creator with respect to their versions on disk.
There were many more changes, which are described in more detail in our change log.

Get Qt Creator 4.2

Head over to the Qt Account Portal or to the download page, get and install Qt Creator 4.2. As usual, the bug tracker will accept bug reports. You also find us on IRC on #qt-creator on chat.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

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Posted in Announcements, Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Qt, QtCreator, Releases


Alan says:

Thanks a lot for this release. I have been using 4.2 RC1 for quite some time, and without any problem, so glad I can now upgrade to 4.2. 🙂

LukasT says:

Re: Do you plan to support “Build file” with CMake anytime soon?

I work with MSVC compiler, I care about what my compiler sees as a compilation error, so this is important feature for me to quickly just compile (without linking). I remember it works with QMake in Qt Creator, why not with CMake?

Same reply as last time, sorry:-)

Jared says:

Are you interested in any external code contributions for bazel support?

Thanks for the great product btw.

aportale says:

Having so far been unfamiliar with bazel, I just read up on it, and to me it looks very promising. Having support for it in Qt Creator would definitely be interesting. If it is you who contributes it, would you also take over the maintainership of the plugin?
Are you (or know of people who are) using Qt Creator in combiation with bazel?

petref says:

Fantastic release guys, congrats!

James Ballard says:

I upgraded from 4.1.0 to 4.2.0 on Windows and my font was switched to Source Code Pro. Is that by design?

Knut says:

The same happened to me on Linux.

Thomas Hartmann Thomas Hartmann says:

This is by design, since there was an internal consensus that Source Code Pro is better suited for programming then the default system font on Windows/Linux.

Of course there is a trade off between people preferring the system font and people who are happy with Source Code Pro, but would not have bothered with manually configuring it.

Our feeling was that the second group clearly outnumbers the first group and that members of the first group will just manually configure the system font.

Until now the feedback was either neutral or positive.

If you disagree with this decision then please give some feedback using Jira.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

The default font setting changed, yes

sfabry says:

For other who wanna change back, default on Windows was Courier.
It’s sometimes diffucult to change long time habits 🙂

Ernst says:

seems it stiill doesn’t work with VS Build Tools 2017 ?

Jasem Mutlaq says:

Awesome release! Love the project improvements! This is my favorite IDE for all my projects, Qt and otherwise.

Christian says:

Can anybody tell me how and where (in QtCreator) to state “-Wno-dev”, so cmake is disabling those developer warnings?

Huu Minh Nguyen says:

I’m on Windows 7 professional 64-bit and I get a 0xc000007b error when starting. I think this is due to some missing dll. Should I start a bug tracker issue for this?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Please see https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-57628

Huu Minh Nguyen says:

Thank you. Installing the MSVC 2015 64-bit redistributable fixed it for me.

filcuc says:


Nenad says:

Nice work guys!

However, I am facing a problem after this upgrade: all types from stdint.h are not available in Clang Code Model (they work fine with default indexer, but CCM is so much more powerful). I am using MacOS Sierra, clang+libc++ from XCode 8.1.

Patrice says:

In project sidebar, if there is two projects opened with the same name, there is no mention of the git branche in the UI.
In previous release, this information was displayed in bracket after the project name.
Has it been removed ?

andre says:

Why Qt Creator use 100 % of processor and hangs for 1-3 minutes when I try close source file with more than ~ 2000 lines ?

Maxx Astral says:

Awesome new release of Qt Creator and Qt 5.7.1… Thanks again for this wonderful piece of software… Keep up the good work

Ismael says:

The built-in C++ code model seems to be broken now, to the point where it’s mostly unusable, yet the change log only reports changes in the Clang code model?

Franklin says:

And search results are also showing lots of duplicates.

aportale says:

Do you mean the “C++ Symbols” Search option? If there is no bug for your case yet, could you please create one on https://bugreports.qt.io/ ? Thanks.

aportale says:

That is correct. The code model team is now focused on the Clang integration, which we see as our only option to keep up with C++11/14/etc. The built-in C++ code model only gets trivial or critical (crash) bug fixes.

Serkan Devel says:

I somehow can’t manage to receive the creator update. Still stuck on 3.5.1 with the old ui (ubuntu 16.04 lxqt).
How can I install the latest one from repo?

Snoop says:

This is definiately my favorite update #QtCreator420

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