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Qt Everywhere at CES 2017

Published Thursday January 5th, 2017
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Experience the latest development in connected devices & powerful cross-platform applications in our meeting suite and CES, the world’s leading consumer electronics event in dazzling Las Vegas show front. Come see our demos, visit the industry leaders showing Qt, and book a meeting with the Qt executives to discuss your product strategy.

Interact with innovative demonstrations at the Westgate Meeting suite #2010:

  • Future Multiscreen UI – Qt Automotive Suite
    Research different UI concepts in vehicle instrument clusters and IVI systems to integrate different Qt technologies relevant especially to the automotive industry.
  •  IVI & Application Store Implementation – Qt Automotive Suite
    Streamline reference UI designs for IVI systems including multiple IVI applications and application store development.
  • Boot-time Optimization
    Boot up your project in 1.2 seconds with Qt and Toradex Apalis i.MX6 Computer on Modules
  • Qt on Android Wear
    Easily Kickstart Qt for wearables with Qt 5.7
  • Qt Lite Project for IoT
    Faster, smaller and more impressive Qt than ever made for IoT system development.

Visit the industry leaders on the show floor:

  • LG – WebOS TV platform devices and Vehicle Component (VC) built with Qt, LVCC North Hall Upper level meeting rooms
  • Formlabs – Advanced connected 3D printers built with Qt, Tech West, Sans Expo Center, Booth #43215
  • Delphi – IVI system based on Qt 5.5 built with Qt, LVCC North Plaza
  • HARMAN – Automated UI Development Suite built with Qt, Hard Rock Hotel, 4th floor private meeting rooms, and GENIVI Showcase on Thursday, January 5 at the Bellagio
  • BlackBerry QNX – Qt-based system using QNX Platform for Infotainment, LVCC North Hall #7029
  • AGL – In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system, GENIVI Showcase on Thursday January 5 at the Bellagio

Schedule a visit to meet with Qt executives at the Westgate, Suite #2010, from January 5-8, 2017 at CES.


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Posted in Biz Circuit, Events


anton says:

BlackBerry QNX … is dead as I suppose.

They are switching to android.
I wanted to start developping an BlackBerry App but stopped at once
as I heared that BB is switching to Android

anton says:

I mean a QT based app on my BB leap.

@anton: QNX real-time operating system, owned by BlackBerry, is very much alive in the embedded markets. Embedded Linux is often used for devices, but there are good reasons to use real-time operating systems such as QNX for example in medical, automotive, and other industries.

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