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Qt 5.9 Alpha Released

Published Thursday February 23rd, 2017
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I am happy to inform you that Qt 5.9 Alpha has been released today.

Qt 5.9 Alpha is an important milestone on our way to the final Qt 5.9.0 release, which is targeted to be released by the end of May 2017.

The Alpha release is available only as source packages. Binary installers will be available via the online installer in conjunction with the Beta release as well as development snapshots during the coming weeks.

To learn about the features in Qt 5.9, please read the Qt 5.9 new features page. For more detailed overview of some Qt 5.9 key features, check the Qt Roadmap for 2017 blog post.

If you want to try Qt 5.9, please download the Qt 5.9 Alpha source packages from your Qt Account or from download.qt.io.

Please remember to give us feedback by writing to the mailing lists and reporting bugs.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Thulio Lacerda says:

Good news! I will test it.

Suggestion, would it be possible in future versions to implement as official plugin supporting NoSql databases such as mongodb?

Mohsen Zahraee says:

Happy to Hear that!
I have problems with Loader in asynchronous mode in Qt5.8
Congratulation, Thank you!

Kirill Bukaev says:

Please, fix this https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-43558 ([Android] The splashscreen starts late and ends with a flicker) in Qt 5.9. I left simple workaround for that issue, but maybe someone from Qt devs have better idea of how to fix it properly. I don’t understand why this tasks is hanging since Qt 5.4 as it quite important, because all Android apps except based on Qt have no such annoying black flicker on start. Thanks.

farshad bayat says:

thank it is good job.

David B says:

Can you tell me what version of Python is needed to compile QtWebEngine. I get the following fatal compile error:

ERROR at //printing/BUILD.gn:136:22: Script returned non-zero exit code.
cups_version = exec_script(“cups_config_helper.py”,
Current dir: /home/david/qt/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.0-alpha/qtwebengine/src/core/Release/
Command: python — /home/david/qt/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.0-alpha/qtwebengine/src/3rdparty/chromium/printing/cups_config_helper.py –api-version

Thank you.

David B says:

Never mind, installed some cups, package, nss, and atk. Now compiling.

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