Qt Installer Framework 2.0.5 released

Published Thursday March 2nd, 2017
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We’re happy to release Qt Installer Framework 2.0.5.

2.0.5 is a bug fix release, the full list of bug fixes can be found from Changelog.

Installer Framework binaries can be installed from online installer. Binaries can be also found together with sources in download.qt.io (open source), or in your Qt Account. The binaries are built with Qt 5.6.0, minimum Qt version required is Qt 5.5.0.

We will continue fixing bugs to 2.0 branch but we are also aiming for making 3.0 release from master branch. 3.0 version will include many nice new features which we will inform more detailed later.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt Installer Framework | Tags: ,


Zack says:

When will FTP access be possible??
Please fix the existing bugs first.

Katja Marttila says:

I am afraid currently the bug is not scheduled to be fixed in the near future.

PA Giguère says:

Nice, thanks!
Although I tested it and it still has the same problem as the 2.0.3 release; the installer base translations have a problem and it doesn’t display in windows locale, it displays only english.
I compiled the dynamicpage example and it displays in english. When I use the same example with 2.0.1, it displays the messages in french. So I’m stuck with 2.0.1 until the problem is solved, or is there some sort of additionnal step in order to have the default translations working?

Katja Marttila says:

Could you please file a bug report about this, or is there one already?

PA Giguère says:

It seems related to this bug: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTIFW-791
But not only the translation example has the problem, all examples are only in english, even on a french system. Using the 2.0.1 binaries works.

Katja Marttila says:

Thank you for this – I have not noticed this before. It was not the bug you mentioned but the way we have built QtIFW. This is now fixed – please download version 2.0.5-1.

Konstantin Podsvirov says:

Good news and thanks for this working!
But what about add tagging this release at git repository?

Konstantin Podsvirov says:

Katja, thanks for [tag](http://code.qt.io/cgit/installer-framework/installer-framework.git/tag/?h=2.0.5)!

Katja Marttila says:

Thank you for reminding me.

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