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Qt 5.9 Beta Released

Published Friday April 7th, 2017
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I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.9 Beta is now released. Convenient binary installers are available for trying out the cool new features coming in Qt 5.9. With this release we are adjusting the release process to make it easier for users to check out the upcoming release conveniently using the online installer. 

Qt 5.9, scheduled to be released at the end of May, completes the work started with Qt 5.7 and 5.8 to take Qt 5 to the next level. Compared to Qt 5.6 LTS we have added a lot of new features such as fully leveraging C++11, a new configuration system, new graphics architecture, a new set of Qt Quick Controls, convenient support for Wayland multi-process, Qt 3D, and many, many more. We have also worked hard to improve the performance to be even better across the board, but especially on embedded hardware. Our target is that a Qt application running on Qt 5.9 not only has more features to choose from, but also runs with better performance and increased maturity compared to an earlier version of Qt.

With Qt 5.9 we are slightly adjusting the release process of Qt. After the Beta that was released today we will push out multiple new Beta N releases using the online installer. With the new approach it is easier than before for users to test the features and provide feedback (via bugreports.qt.io). During the beta phase we expect to have new Beta N releases with 1-2 weeks intervals. When the maturity has increased sufficiently we will create a release candidate and then the final release of Qt 5.9.0. These will be made available directly via the online installer, we are not planning publish separate blogs for the subsequent beta releases and release candidates. In addition to binaries, source packages of each beta release are of course also available for those who prefer to build themselves.

I hope many of you will install the Qt 5.9 Beta release(s), test and provide us your feedback to complete Qt 5.9. For any issues you may find, please submit a detailed bug report to bugreports.qt.io (please remember to mention which beta you found the issue with). You are also welcome to join the discussions in the Qt Project mailing listsdeveloper forums and of course we encourage you to contribute to Qt. You may also want to check out the list of most important new features in Qt 5.9, as well as the new features in Qt 5.8 and new features in Qt 5.7 – in case you are still using Qt 5.6 LTS.

If you do not yet have the Qt online installer, get it from the Qt Account or from the Qt Download page.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Releases


Fabian Löschner says:

Is Qt 5.9 going to support Visual Studio 2017?

@Fabian: Yes.

liulikeqian says:

excuse me? sir. why do the qt support the Chinese which is poor

elderorb says:

Is there any changes mapboxgl plugin for Windows will be released as the part of Qt 5.9 ?

Thiago Marcos P. Santos says:

The major problem is that none of the officially supported configurations for Windows can compile Mapbox GL. The alternatives are:

– MINGW should just work, but I have not tested.
– LLVM got me far, but I did not managed to build everything (compiler crash).
– Got it working with msvc2015 + Clang/C2 frontend, but it was far from a straightforward to build. QMake doesn’t have a mkspec Clang/C2 yet, so tons of hacks to build.

I contacted the Visual Studio team and they said they are working on C++11/14 compatibility for msvc2017, so I’m testing on every update.

Jake Petroules Jake Petroules says:

MinGW *is* an officially supported configuration.

Alexander Ivash says:

Taking into account ‘MinGW *is* an officially supported configuration.’ could you please try to enable mingw builds of mapboxgl for the next beta?

Thiago Marcos P. Santos says:

I will give it a try. Thanks for the feedback.

Eli says:

Nice! Any chance we gonna see support for recent compilers like llvm 4.0?

Allan Allan says:

Yes, a pretty good chance, since it already works for most Qt. Clang 4, gcc 7 and MSVC 2017. Though a few break in a some submodules in special configurations, but that will get worked out as it is discovered.

Tom says:

Will msvc2013 32bit packages be provided for Qt5.9 or will msvc2013 32bit be dropped?

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

yes, MSVC2013 32bit is dropped from Qt 5.9.0

Ronan says:

Where are the offline installers? (linux+android x64). In the downloads I could only find sources.

@Ronan: As explained in the blog we changed to using online installer for the first Beta and subsequent betas. Full set of offline installers will be done for the final.

Keith Kotchou says:

Not sure how this make it easier. Seems to be significantly slower to download via the online installer. Can’t believe making an installer requires that much more effort on your part. Seems lame all the way around.

@Keith: Online installer is intended to be easier for the users as new beta versions will be available via it. With a decent network connection the installer works very nicely. If you have slow connection, you may want to reduce the amount of items to install. For the final we will offer offline installers as well.

jason says:

Where/when/how can we lobby for 5.9 blockers?
I (and I am sure many others) have a number of support issues that have gone unpatched for quite some time due to Qt’s ridiculous feature release (5.X) pace. There was no 5.7.2, or 5.8.1. In some cases we’ve been waiting for more than a year.

My priority bugs (not a year old) are:
https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-58278 (all platforms) QML websockets do not work right
https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-56536 (Android) (Tagged for 5.9 RC, yay!)

Lesser issues, but still pain point:
https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-57041 (P1)
https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-52217 (over a year old)

The other issues I have (there are many, and they are the older ones ) can be worked around.

@Jason: If you are a commercial licensee, then you can contact Qt Support and ask to prioritise the fixes. If you are an open-source user you can ask people to help via the mailing lists and forums. We are also fixing issues actively, not only creating new functionality. Also, there will be Qt 5.9.x patch releases after Qt 5.9.0.

Alessandro says:

I also have a number of support issues for more than one year. I asked several times to Qt Support but didn’t get the fixes.

Torben says:


I agree 100%. Thanks for poimting it out.

I again propose to prioritize bugfix over pace. The Qt schedule is way too fast.

Marko says:

Well there are currently 515 Critical/Important issue still open for 5.8.0 and 5.9.x release where 126 of them is marked as critical

and these are serious things like 


I’ve been trying to make 5.8.0 and 5.9.x work for quite some time but I can only recommend everybody to skip it.

5.8.0 is completely useless, too many bugs and important issues like this one https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-59728
here are more important issues (they started with few things, they should change harmless title 🙂

I’ve reverted back to 5.7.1 for the time being, which also has many bugs but it is manageable.
I still think it is great framework though, but you should just stop development and start fixing bugs, there are too many bugs if you are doing anything serious, you will spend most of your time working around them.
Skip 5.8 and 5.9 for the time being if you plan on doing anything, especially in QML.

@Marko: This is just the first Beta of Qt 5.9. During the next weeks main focus will be increasing the maturity of it. There will also be Qt 5.9.x patch releases that will receive fixes on top of Qt 5.9.0.

Jason says:

I think it’d be worth it to have a 5.X release JUST for fixes. No new features. API changes are allowed.

Incredibly, the last several versions have nothing that I am really interested in. Qt Quick Controls 2 was the last thing but I was more or less happy with 5.6. And sometimes, I want to revert from QtQC2 to the old stuff due to issues with At 5.7/5.8. You know it’s getting bad when your users are downgrading.

The pace of adding features has been too furious and there have been too few maintenance releases. Please stop or no one will want to sue Qt anymore. I know fixes aren’t sexy. But even less sexy is software that is too buggy.

I am still waiting for fixes for 5.6… That’s just unacceptable. And I do have a commercial support agreement.

Bojan says:

I might be wrong here, but isn’t that exactly the purpose of LTS releases now. To be a mature stable base for people that need to maintain already deployed, user-facing software against, and new releases are intended for those either just starting/experimenting on new projects or to test new functionalities.

Daniel Nicoletti says:

What about QML Compiler that was promissed to be in 5.9? I don’t see it as “new features of 5.9”

Alessandro says:

I’m agree with Marko: Qt 5.8.0 is completely unusable, too many important/critical bugs and regressions. My team went back to Qt 5.7.1. I hope that a serious activity of bug fixing starts as soon as possible. Otherwise also Qt 5.9 will be unusable 🙁

@Alessandro: Bug fixing is ongoing constantly and now that the Beta is out it is the main focus. Qt 5.9 will contain every fix available – and the Qt 5.9.x patch releases continue to add maturity. I am fully aware that the extremely fast pace of changes in Qt 5.7 and 5.8 has caused issues for many users. While Qt 5.9 does add some features, it is also focusing into performance and stability.

ekke ekke says:

Updating from 5.7 to 5.8 wasn’t an easy process 😉
But for me – using QT only for mobile app development on Android and iOS with QtQuickControls2 – I found workarounds and have some projects running at customer sites without problems.
take a look at my blog:
some things are already fixed targeted to 5.9 Beta or RC
next weeks I’ll do heavy testing on 5.9 Beta(s)

Airport says:

Do you have any plans to support ios style for controls 2?

Francesco Pretto says:

Will also binaries for MSVC2017 be provided? For 5.9, I can still find binaries for mvsc2015/msvc2013 only using the online installer.

@Francesco: This is the goal, but we do not have those yet available.

Xavier Bigand says:


I want to thanks for putting the Beta in the Qt Maintenance tool.

I have a little question about the shader cache, is it invalidate if the user update his driver or change the hardware?

Marco77 says:


Can you make the online installer somewhat more resilient on poor connections?

I have run it several times and it fails around ~97 % with an error message “Network error downloading ‘[some http url]’: Connection timed out”, with said url being different every time. When I enter this URL in a regular browser, it shows up just fine, too.

Can you add a resume/retry option?

Best regards

Axel Jäger says:

Same here. For updates in the Qt Maintainance Tool, I usually need several attempts.

Qt 5.9 development is proceeding well. Qt 5.9 Beta 2 is released today. Please get it via the maintenance tool and try it out.

When reposting bugs, please remember to mark which beta the the bug is from.

There will not be separate blog posts written about new beta releases.

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