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Renewed Qt Support Services

Published Wednesday June 7th, 2017
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The Qt Company support team works hand-in-hand with Qt R&D developers and we are 100% committed to ensuring that you succeed with your project.

We have recently launched new support services and in this blog post I would like to introduce you to the new offering and in addition give you an introduction to the Qt Support team. The new support offering has been modified and we have launched two different levels of support, which have been named ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ Support. In addition to our standard offering, all 5.x releases can be extended with Extended Support.

The Team

We have a team of experienced software engineers working in Qt Support. All of us have a long background in software development and with Qt. Currently we are working from three different locations, Oulu, Oslo and Santa Clara and we are considering expanding our locations to Tokyo, Berlin and Boston during this year.
With new locations covering multiple time zones, we will be able to give even quicker responses to our Asian and US based customers.
The Qt Support team is part of Qt R&D and we work closely with the development teams. Being closely connected with where the development happens means that we are always up to date with the latest new features and we know the best practices on how to leverage these new features. For you as a Qt user, it also means that if you have an issue, we know who to contact and we can solve your challenges quickly.

Standard and Premium Support

Earlier we had three different support levels, but now we have reduced those to two and changed the names of two levels moving forwards. The previously known Silver Support will now be called ‘Standard Support’. The SLA terms are still the same as earlier with Silver Support. The new Support plan name, Standard Support, will be visible to you in your Qt Account.
Gold support has been renamed to Premium Support. Current Gold support customers will continue to get their service under the old Gold Support SLA.
The entry level support, Bronze Support has been phased out.

All Qt customers with an active license (except for start-up licensees) are entitled to Qt Support. Standard Support is bundled with all new Qt licenses. It comes with a two business day response time guaranteed and provides you priority to the customer reported Qt errors.
If a more personal and quicker support service is required, the Premium Support is the way to go. With Premium Support, we offer a dedicated support person and the possibility to utilize online chat through remote desktop connection. With Premium Support, our target is to respond within the same workday as the issue is reported. Also, reported bugs and other issues are treated with even higher priority than with Standard Support. With Premium Support, we also analyze the complete customer application code base and debug that instead of requiring a minimal test application where the issue is reproduced.

Support Level Details
Standard Support Premium Support
Support on Qt APIs, functions, methods and programming techniques Yes Yes
Guaranteed response time Within 48 business hours Within 24 business hours
Bug fix prioritization* Priority High Priority
Support on using Qt for your specific project Yes
Dedicated Qt Support contact Yes
Instant messaging with dedicated support contact Yes

*Within reasonable efforts, not every bug is fixable as part of Qt Support

Extended Support

Qt 5.4 and later releases are currently supported by default. If support is required for older and unsupported Qt 5.x releases the support can be separately purchased as Extended Support. This will allow the customer to ask questions and report issues occurring on these older Qt versions – in the same way as if the phased out Qt version was still officially supported.
By default, releases from Qt 5.6 and onward are supported for one year and LTS releases are supported for three years starting from the 5.x.0 release.

Support periods for Qt 5.x releases
Qt Version Standard Support Until Extended Support Available
5.0.x – 5.3.x Support already ended. Yes
5.4.x 01.07.2017 Yes
5.5.x 16.03.2018 Yes
5.6.x (LTS) 16.03.2019 Yes
5.7.x 16.06.2017 Yes
5.8.x 23.01.2018 Yes
5.9.x (LTS) 31.05.2020 Yes

More information regarding the different support levels can be found on the Qt Support pages.
Both Extended Support and Premium Support upgrades are targeted for complete development teams.

The Help We Provide

In most cases, Support provides a fix or a workaround for the reported issue. The remaining issues are then followed up by our development teams. Qt Support flags these bugs as being originating from commercial customer and thus gets higher priority when R&D prioritizes bugs to be fixed. Therefore, it is important that all the bugs that the commercial Qt customers encounter are also reported to the Qt Support team.

Even though helping customers tackle Qt bugs is a prominent function of the support team, we also do a lot more. Most questions sent to Support are actually not related to bugs, but rather related to finding optimal coding solutions for the problems customers are facing in their code. We have also been compiling a Qt Support FAQ page, which deals with the most common issues. The Qt Support FAQ is accessible through your Qt Account.

We have been measuring Qt support customer satisfaction for many years now and we have always had a high rating. 9/10 customers have been satisfied or very satisfied with our service. Our main target is to keep our customers happy and productive with Qt. The future of our framework relies on successful projects and therefore we put a lot of effort into providing the best support possible.

You can find more information about Qt Support on the support pages or via Qt Account and we are also more than happy to provide you with a quote. Please do contact us if you have any questions regarding our offering.

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Posted in Announcements, Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Customers


jack says:

From my experience (we own Silver Support since long time) bug fix prioritization is mostly related to the type of bug and not the support level. About prioritization, the only difference I found reporing bugs via Customer Portal vs is the ”
Reported_by_support_silver” tag in labels field. In fact, in many cases I opened a new issue directly in your Jira system.
A “real” prioritization could be a good improvement.

Kimmo Leppälä Kimmo Leppälä says:

Thank you for your feedback.

Our development teams are actually using the Reported_by_support_silver and Reported_by_support_gold Jira tags for prioritising customer originating bugs higher. Based on those tags we also have a list of customer bugs which we follow closely.
You can also open new issues directly in Jira but please report those to Qt Support (via Qt Account) as well so that we can then add the appropriate flags. Also in most cases we already have a workaround or can prepare a patch for the issue.

If you would like to have even higher priority for your bugs you could consider upgrading to Premium Support which we now have available.

Wen says:

In Qt5.9.0 vs2013 64bit ,webengine(qml) is missing.

Kimmo Leppälä Kimmo Leppälä says:

Yes, this is because Chromium and therefore QtWebEngine requires MSVC 2015 since Qt 5.8.

Sandro F says:

Well, the Qt Support is one of the best I have ever seen. Wher else can I ask some specific programm questions and got almost each time a useful answer?

Please keep up the good work closely to your development team :-)!

Kimmo Leppälä Kimmo Leppälä says:

Thank you! 🙂

Philip says:

As a long time (at least 6 years) standard support customer, I find Qt support very responsive and generally helpful. Qt Company fixes bugs fairly slowly (6 months to a year) for standard support. Looking through my Qt Support log, 4 out of the ~7 bugs were fixed. I’m shamelessly plugging other bugs that haven’t been fixed but were reported through support: has been sitting on gerrit since Mar 3, 2016.

Upgraded to silver, but unresolved, someone did mention that it was fixed 5.6.2.

This one was reported in my Qt support, but not upgraded in priority. It’s still unresolved.

Overall, Qt support is really helpful! Particularly, Andy Shaw, he’s amazing. Also, the QBS development team (Christain Kandeler and Jake Petroules) is super responsive and helpful.

Kimmo Leppälä Kimmo Leppälä says:

Thank you for the feedback!

I can confirm that QTBUG-54984 seems to be fixed in Qt 5.6.2 and also 5.9.0 works fine.

QTBUG-48593 was reported by “Qt Support” user and back then it was also used for prioritising issues. However, I have updated it now and it’s also having the proper label.

I will forward your regards to the persons you mentioned 🙂

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