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Qt Creator 4.4 RC released

Published Thursday August 17th, 2017
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.4 RC!

For the details on what is new in Qt Creator 4.4, please refer to the Beta blog post. As usual we have been busy with bug fixes and improvements since then, and now would be a good time for you to go get it, and provide final feedback.

Get Qt Creator 4.4 RC

The opensource version is available on the Qt download page, and you find commercially licensed packages on the Qt Account Portal. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You can also find us on IRC on #qt-creator on chat.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, QtCreator, Releases


Jakub Narolewski says:

Looks awesome :]

Is there any chance that 4.4 will come with QBS 1.10.0 or is 1.9.0 final for this release?

Christian Kandeler Christian Kandeler says:

It will definitely be 1.9, which is the current qbs release branch.

Tom says:

What would make it more comfortable for me is if you would make the QtCreator Betas and RC’s also available via the Maintenance Tool, such that the already configured Kits are then also available for the beta or RC QtCreator.

This way i could always test the latest QtCreator version (RC or Beta) in my productive setup without having to copy some files myself from my latest stable QtCreator directory.

Tom says:

Another option would be if the installer checks for an installed stable QtCtreator and copies those files then. But maybe that solution is to hacky.

CarelC says:

I second this. The biggest stumbling block that is preventing me from testing the RC is the fact that my kits does not work when installing stand alone, and it ends up braking my projects and sessions.

If this was not the case I would use the RC much easier.

Konstantin Podsvirov says:

Hm.. Custom Kits work for me with standalone (snapshot) QtC. Secret is not use auto detected Kits and Qt also. Manualy add Qt, then create new Kit.

Vivi says:

Copy sub-folder share\qtcreator\QtProject of current Qt Creator to folder where you install RC and it should work 🙂

Andre says:


I don’t remember how often I added Qt versions and Kits after Creator Update. Sometimes this leads to a new shadow build folder and then you can rebuild your projects again.

Having the Betas in Online Installer would definitely be a plus for many users.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

We definitely want that too.

Dimi says:

I’d be glad if we can opt out of those mandatory creator installations with each and every Qt stock built release. It quickly becomes a mess. It is too much to ask for that we can only have one creator version? The request to make the creator installation optional has been neglected for years.

Besides, creator runs worse and worse with every new release, there seems to be more bloat added than bugs fixed or important features introduced. So being forced to install the newest version every time there is a few qt version available.

Vivi says:

Regression introduced in Creator 4.4 is still where … try to start renaming function or method and return to edit to goto definition via keyboard shortcut … goto definition will not work untill you switch from search pannel below to another one or close it 🙂

qtnext says:

It seems now that Right click and menu on Windows is an option …. need to always quit the application because of this

Slava says:

There’s a huge barrier for people who want to start using Qt Creator. I mean the freeware download option is hidden so well, that people ask me like ‘hey, what’s that you are using, qt creator? I want the same? is it free?’. And then two weeks later you meet them again and they are on clion or some other stuff, and say ‘I cound not find the freeware download option…’. Never noticed it myself, cause it comes from repositories for me, but when I tried to download a free version that was indeed challenging. There’s kind of negative promotion you guys are doing, while the other options (like clion again) are on contrary very aggressively promoted.

Jean-Michaël Celerier says:

+1, I think that QtCreator is one of the best C++ IDEs but you always have people that say “but it is commercial” or “but I can’t use it because it’s GPL” because they went on the website and it wasn’t clear; so what happens at this point is that these people generally switch to Atom or CLion or VSCode or whatever which makes less people that could submit useful bug reports and suggest improvements.

Lilian says:

The open-source part of Qt started to be hidden part-by-part about 1 year ago: Initially you could find the open-source version side-by-side, then only a mention about open-source, than, a few months ago, they’ve removed all the mentions of open-source or community-developed software on the front page.
Now, even searching beyond the front page, you won’t find mentions of the open-source version.
It’s “BUY”, “BUY”, “BUY”, “TRIAL”, “TRIAL”, “TRIAL”, all over the place…

I just go to: download [dot] qt [dot] io

Nathan says:

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. The qt.io website seems deeply ashamed of Qt’s open source heritage, and it’s beginning to shake my confidence in the project. Hiding all mentions of open source, plastering the website with commercial language… it makes Qt (both FOSS and commercial) look like a dying project.

Isaac says:

I didn’t believe that it could be THAT bad. As I have checked, There is NO mention of open-source and GPL/LGPL aspect of Qt on the download page:


There a large “Buy Qt” button at the top of page and the rest is “give Qt a try”, “Free commercial 30-day trial…”, etc.

So not only Qt Creator, the Qt Framework download links are hidden.

The question is: Why?
This is counter-intuitive in spreading the Qt framework hurt the business too.

Roman says:

I guess the answer is that Qt Company is not that interested in promoting QtCreator, because the product they sell is a Qt Framework, not IDE. People who use QtCreator for pure C++ development (I guess most of QtCreator users) are not their customers.

That said, I think QtCreator can be a base for decent commercial C++ IDE. It still has some unique features that Clion does not have. Although I’ve mostly switched from QtCreator to Clion.

Fabio says:


Alex says:

Let’s promote this address https://www.qt.io/download-open-source to google! #Qt #download

Alexander says:

Qt Creator static builds still failes. Any news, would it be supported in future versions?

CarelC says:

The following issues are still present in the RC and I see them as breaking/blocking issues for a Minor (4.4) release (I might be wrong)

somebody says:

Both are the same, and they come from a Qt bug that will be fixed with Qt 5.9.2. So the question here is Will Qt creator 4.4 be built with Qt 5.9.2 or later?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Since Qt 5.9.2 is not released yet, I’d expect the prebuilt packages of Qt Creator 4.4.1 to be built against Qt 5.9.2.

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