Qt Installer Framework 3.0.1 Released

Published Wednesday September 20th, 2017
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt IFW 3.0.1.

3.0.1 is fully compatible with 2.0.5, which means you can update existing online installers with installers built with 3.0.1. Version 3.0.1 includes a lot of bug fixes and also new features.
Here is a list some new features, some to mention:

  • Allow to use the stylesheet to customize UI
  • New –silentUpdate command line option
  • Introduced gui.setTextItems() method
  • Add ApplicationsDirX86 and ApplicationsDirX64 predefined Variables.
  • Add new ‘–sign’ switch to binarycreator for signing OS X app bundles
  • Allow defining non-checkable items – introduces new element ‘Checkable’ for package.
  • Added support for setting descriptions of Windows shortcuts.
  • Add Castilian Spanish translation.

The full list of added features and bug fixed can be found from ChangeLog.

You can download Qt Installer Framework using Qt SDK or using QtAccount or Qt Downloads.

Thank you for everyone involved!

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Posted in Qt Installer Framework, Releases | Tags:


Bartel says:

Nice! Thank everyone for their effort!

Will QtIFW become part of the Qt installer, so we’re to be able to update it via MaintenanceTool, in stead of a separate installer?

Katja Marttila says:

QtIFW is already part of Qt Installer. You can find it under Tools, next to QtCreator.

Sky says:

Apparently the update via maintenancetools is not working, the Updates.xml has not been updated: https://download.qt.io/online/qtsdkrepository/linux_x64/desktop/tools_ifw/Updates.xml

Katja Marttila says:

Actually you cannot update version 2.0 to 3.0. We wanted to keep the packages separate in case users still want to use version 2.0. So you can install new package 3.0 next to 2.0.

Sky says:

This still means you have to add the qt.tools.ifw.30 package to the Updates.xml, otherwise it’s not possible to install via Maintenancetool. As you can see her (https://image.ibb.co/f9Z2UQ/image.png), the is no option to install version 3

Katja Marttila says:

Ah, so true. We will fix that shortly. Thanks!

Zack says:

What does it mean?

Can I simply update from a 2.0.x MaintenanceTool.exe to a 3.x.x MaintenanceTool.exe?

zack says:

What about all the other reported bugs by me?

I will test the silent update. Is there some docu about it?
How does it react to admin rights?

Regarding signing, how can we sign the MaintenanceTool.exe?

Katja Marttila says:

https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTIFW-945 is under implementation (I dublicated it to QTIFW-5 as Ville is updating that report). I am afraid all other bugs are not under implementation and no plans to either at the moment. Also signing maintenancetool.exe is not possible.
There is no other documentation for silentUpdate than what –help offers. Admin rights dialog needs to be accepted with silentUpdate.

Kayra says:

There is this suggestion (https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTIFW-918) I had submitted a while ago. I see that the Maintenance Tool used to update Qt releases has been updated to v3 but still has the same subpar UX. I strongly suggest that you redesign the tool, especially the components view.

PAG says:

Nice, I was waiting for the official release of 3.0.X,
Will you update the online doc at http://doc.qt.io/qtinstallerframework/index.html or we still have to generate it ourselves with sources?

Katja Marttila says:

Thank you for noting, the documentation is now updated.

İbrahim says:

Hi, we can use this tool our non Qt projects?

JKSH says:

https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTIFW-441 is reported as fixed in v3.0.1.

I was under the impression that this feature would allow end-users to manually select a mirror to use (see the comments under QTIFW-441). However, after upgrading my Qt Online Installer, I still don’t see a way to choose a mirror.

Could you please confirm if the ability to select a mirror has been integrated? It would be great if this is supported in the official installer. Then, I can retire this tool: https://github.com/JKSH/QtSdkRepoChooser

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