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Qt 5.10 Beta Released

Published Monday October 9th, 2017
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I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.10 Beta 1 is now released. Convenient online binary installers are available for trying out features coming in Qt 5.10. We will follow similar Beta process as with Qt 5.9 and provide multiple Beta releases via the online installer. 

For new features coming in Qt 5.10, please check the New features in Qt 5.10 wiki page. A few examples of cool new things coming with Qt 5.10 include new image based styles for Qt Quick Controls, initial support for Vulkan, renewed input handling, new Shape type in Qt Quick, many new languages and handwriting recognition in Qt Virtual Keyboard, support for OAuth 1 & OAuth 2, text to speech functionality and preview of Qt WebGL Streaming Plugin. You may also want to check out our new Qt for Automation offering working in conjunction with Qt 5.10, including new libraries for M2M communication (MQTT and KNX) and more plans for the future (e.g. OPC/UA, DDS).

With Qt 5.9 we slightly adjusted the release process of Qt and same approach will be followed also with Qt 5.10. After the Qt 5.10 Beta 1 released today we will push out multiple new Beta N releases using the online installer. With this approach it is easier than before for users to test the features and provide feedback (via bugreports.qt.io). During the beta phase we expect to have new Beta N releases with 1-2 weeks intervals. When the maturity has increased sufficiently we will create a release candidate of Qt 5.10. These will be made available directly via the online installer, we are not planning publish separate blogs for the subsequent beta releases and release candidate(s). In addition to binaries, source packages of each beta release are of course also available for those who prefer to build themselves.

I hope many of you will install the Qt 5.10 Beta releases, test and provide us your feedback to complete Qt 5.10. For any issues you may find, please submit a detailed bug report to bugreports.qt.io (please remember to mention which beta you found the issue with, check for duplicates and known issues). You are also welcome to join the discussions in the Qt Project mailing listsdeveloper forums and  contribute to Qt.

If you do not yet have the Qt online installer, get it from the Qt Account or from the Qt Download page.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Sylv says:

Thank you for this beta.
Is there any example for the tech preview of skeletal animation system from Qt3D ? I haven’t found any example.
AFAIK, Qt3D is mainly supported by KDAB but the example repository doesn’t seem to be up to date, latest update was done 5 month ago (https://github.com/KDAB/qt3d-examples).

@Sylv: Qt 3D is fully supported as part of Qt and there are examples for it coming with Qt. We are aware that the examples and documentation of Qt 3D are not yet as good as typically for Qt, but these are improving as well.

Mike Lothian says:

Seems a bit strange not bothering to announce the upcoming betas and release candidates, surely it’s all extra promotion for Qt when other sites report on them

@Mike: The final is expected already at the end of November and we will be talkin about many of its features in the blog. New Beta releases are visible for all online installer users and informed in the mailing lists. As there is a new Beta every 1-2 weeks we are worried that announcing every new one causes too much noice.

Filip Piechocki says:

Where can I find above-mentioned QtMqtt? Is it available for download anywhere?

Dimi says:

Build fails for me. Sorry I can’t provide meaningful information, as the option to limit compilation output to errors is and has been broken for mingw for a long time, and I don’t get anything meaningful from what remains in the console prior to the error.

Michael H says:

“Initial support for Vulkan” is mentioned for this beta, but Vulkan support does not appear to be enabled at least for the “Desktop gcc 64-bit” binary release. Is this intentional?

Shujaat says:

The following bug makes the Qt5.9.2’s Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling useless for Android development and possibly for other platforms. The same bug has been posted since 5.7.0 Beta, 5.8.0 but it is still there in Qt5.9LTS! Wow!
This bug has been posted here:

We are piling up features but not caring about the mess we create in the way.

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