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Watch Live Streams from Qt World Summit 2017: Customer Keynotes from Amazon Lumberyard, Daimler, LG, Qualcomm and More

Published Tuesday October 10th, 2017
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We are showcasing Customer Use Cases Ranging from Automotive Clusters and IVIs to High-End cameras through to Gaming Tools and Cancer Research at the Largest Annual Event for the Qt Community and we are going to share it with you LIVE

Watch the live streams here

Qt World Summit venue

The Qt World Summit sold out this year and for those of you who couldn’t get a ticket or couldn’t make it for other reasons you can watch the live streaming of the keynotes. We will also publish videos from the sessions in coming days.

Our 14th annual Qt World Summit in Berlin from October 11-12, 2017, featuring customer keynote addresses from leading brands such as Amazon Lumberyard, Daimler, LG, Qualcomm and more. The keynote speakers will focus on a wide variety of highly compelling and relevant topics, including the usage of augmented reality (AR) in autonomous vehicles, how digital image analysis can help in the search for a cure for cancer, and why ease-of-use is one of the main factors driving innovation in the gaming industry.

At Qt World Summit 2017, business leaders, software developers, project managers and other influential members of the Qt global community will discuss the latest trends, market opportunities, technological advancements and customer stories in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. This year, the Qt Company has gathered customers across industries such as automotive, medical, gaming and more to share Qt’s contributions to their respective initiatives.

In addition to live streaming, videos from talks we will also be filming demos, so stay tuned in our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)  and blog in coming times.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

9:30 (CET): “Welcome to The Qt World Summit 2017”, Juha Varelius, CEO The Qt Company

10:00 (CET): “How Do You Measure What You Can’t See?”, Dr Steven Goldfarb, Physicist, ATLAS Experiment CERN

10:45 (CET): “One Hundred Languages”, Linda Liukas, Programmer, storyteller and illustrator

11:30(CET): Daimler, “Behind the scenes of a show car: Rapid UI/UX prototyping and production”, Alex Hilliger, Sr. Manager Advanced Graphics and Rendering

11:40(CET): Panasonic ITS: “Future of Vehicle HMI Systems”, Takayuki Tanabe, CEO, Development Center Chief

11:55(CET): Hasselblad: “Using Qt to Build Next Generation Intuitive High-End Cameras”, Richard Röjfors

12:05(CET): Quantitative Imaging Systems: “Imaging Tissue Architecture: The Next Frontier in Battling Cancer”, Michael Nederlof   

12:15 (CET): Amazon Lumberyard: “Game Engine Evolution: From Tech to UX”, Alex Montgomery, Game Engine Tools Specialist

12:25 (CET): Qualcomm: “An IDE for Embedded Devices”, Justin Howard, Engineer, Senior Staff  


Thursday, October 12, 2017

09:15(CET): “Trends in Software and Business”, Igor Beuker, Entrepreneur & Trendwatcher

09:55(CET): “Modern C++”, Herb Sutter, Prominent C++ Expert

10:35(CET):“The Current State and Future of Qt”, Lars Knoll, CTO, The Qt Company and Chief Maintainer, Qt Project


With that we hope you will enjoy the live streams!


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Posted in Automation, Automotive, Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Community, Contributors, cross-platform, Customers, Events, Learning, Qt, Qt in use, Qt World Summit


Bryan says:

When will the keynote videos be published? These live streams are all happening when people in US are in deep sleep. This is especially difficult to watch for an active Qt developer who will have all kinds of challenges during the day trying to make Qt work in AR scenarios.

chin says:

Very Interesting…Does Qt have or plan to have anything similar to AR core or AR kit? Can any body suggest how to add or remove object from a real scene using Qt API or 3rd party APIs that will work with Qt? I hope some one can address that in the Qt Summit.

Ivan says:

There was a demonstration about AR-implementation with Thymio robot on the Contributors Summit on Tuesday. And they were also demonstrating this today (and will do so tomorrow, I guess) at the Qt’s booth.

Chin says:

Could not find AR implementation of Thymio. A link would help.

1) Urgent matter would be to integrate Qt 3D rendering may be using a Aspect with ARKit technology to fill in a Entity tree and thereby allow other Entities to interact with it. Conduct similar effort with AR core. This exercise should then result into a generic interface based on Qt ECS model to deeply integrate with third party AR.

2) If the Qt community is bold enough then it would be even more interesting to take an AR Approach that will have wider impact than AR core/ kit and would tend to pull in open source as well as contributed resources from various big companies in the areas of Object Recognition/ Identification, Scene Recognition/ Identification, Live Scene understanding and Scene Networking. This would be a bold and appropriate move as Qt is not bound by one single company and technology. I am all for it. AR is the final frontier and in nascent stage today.

My feel is 1) is needed in short term and 2) is needed for long term.

Carl Carl says:

Hi. Yes – we will publish recordings shortly. We will let you know exactly when they are ready here on the blog, all our social media channels and via email. Cheers, Carl

Carl Engh Carl Engh says:

Hi Bryan, yes – recordings will be out shortly.

Roman says:

Are there going to be an offline recordings of presentations available, for those of us that are unable to watch online? 🙂

Carl Carl says:

Yup, we publish recordings in coming days.

Carl Engh Carl Engh says:

Yes, there will 🙂

zack says:

The connection hasn’t worked for me, I didn’t see anything.

Carl Engh Carl Engh says:

It worked for us when we tested it and seems to have worked for others too. Were you there at the right time? Anyhow, the recordings will be published.. Stay tuned for more info here on the blog as well as social media channels and email.

chin says:

What is the time line and road map of Qt 3D studio? What to expect in terms of Qt Quick integration? Will there be any dynamic component to it, that can help in run time in the area of 3d object model for example to create a better texture based on user/consumer submitted images/photos ?

@chin: Please see for information about Qt 3D Studio.

chin says:

@Tuukka: Nice! We are going to test it out and see if we can get it to work in our environment. Used to Blender. Have higher expectation in different ways with Qt 3D studio.

chin says:

High level debuggers like KDAB’s GammaRey is very essential to success of QML based Qt. Can any one shed some light on the debuggers available and an easy way to get the GammaRey to work? We have tried to get GammaRey to work on windows platform both for 5.8 and 5.9. It almost works but no…..

Bryan Meyer says:

I’m in the same boat. GammaRay seems like a great tool – and I *almost* got it to work. Any plans to release Qt with GammaRay integrated for the mainstream release (not just automotive/embedded systems)? Or are there any other debuggers on the market that work at a high-level similar to GammaRay?

Robert says:

I also find GammaRay to be an awesome tool – when I can get it to work. Integrating it as a supported Qt tool would be wonderful.

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