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Qt 5.10.1 Released

Published Tuesday February 13th, 2018
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I am pleased to inform that Qt 5.10.1 is released today. As a patch release, Qt 5.10.1 does not add any new functionality but provides many bug fixes and other improvements.

Compared to Qt 5.10.0, the new Qt 5.10.1 contains over 300 bug fixes and in total close to 1400 changes since Qt 5.10.0. For details of the most important changes, please check the Change files of Qt 5.10.1.

Qt 5.10.1 can be updated by using the online installer’s maintenance tool. For new installations, please download the latest online installer from the Qt Account portal or from the qt.io download page. Offline packages are available for commercial users via the Qt Account portal and at via the qt.io download page for open-source users.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Malek Khlif says:

Good Job



ThatDude says:

Where are the check-sums?
Apparently starting with 5.10.1 Qt no longer provides check sums for Offline Installers…

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

Checksums are there now. Those are automatically generated & it seems to take some time after putting packages visible.

Malek Khlif says:

Why the download server is too slow ???

bnogal says:

Seems there are too many people using Qt.
Maybe it is time to publish an official torrent alternative way to download it.

@Malek: One thing you can do is to encourage your local mirror providers to start mirroring Qt: https://download.qt.io/static/mirrorlist/

joniyang says:

does the headless chrome ozone feature be exposed in this webengine qt version? or is this just unsupported use case?

joniyang says:

Something like QWebPage class from old qt webkit would be a good also to be ported in qt webengine.

Michael Brüning says:

There is QWebEnginePage ( http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qwebenginepage.html ). Although it is not a one to one replacement, there is large overlap between it and QWebPage.

klaus says:

Cannot install
offline installer on windows 7 x64 german.

Seems the same behaviour as in http://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/01/23/qt-5-9-4-released/#comment-1201925

As soon as I start the installer I see only the part:
“Performing license pre-condition check …”
newer ending…

There is no skip button, no even “Clear the email and password fields.” does not work
since I dont see any fields where I can type something in.

Hmmm such surprises are not my understanding of quality (yes I know its the opensource version)


Progrev says:

+1. Same problem. It was already discussed for release of 5.9.4 (http://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/01/23/qt-5-9-4-released/#comment-1201925) … but who cares!?
Logic of installer is very strange. It blocks the installation process until it connects to qt account server. But wait … if there is no account why installer would need that connection AT ALL?
It should be : First installer need to ask if user is in need to connect to Qt Account. If yes then do that connection stuff. Otherwise continue with installation. This was logic for 5.9.3 and 5.10 … but now installer blocks installation if there a chance to create Account-connection. This is regression IMHO
And please notice … such pusshing of connection to Account is done in OFFLINE installer … very reasonable decision 😉 … but who cares!?

Progrev says:

+1. Problem was admitted for 5.9.4 and for 5.10.1 there were nobody to care that offline installer is unable to install without online connection to server (firewall, offline LAN etc.) 😉
Who cares!?

@Progrev: Internet connection is not necessary. What can be problematic is if your machine has IP connection to your local network, but not outside. In such case, simply disconnect from the network during install. For commercial installation, enter license key manually (when without working internet connection).

Andrew says:

Disconnect network is problematic when machine is available by remote desktop only.

@Klaus: This problem does not happen for everyone, only in some cases this seems to be problematic. Please make a bug report describing your environment etc.

Emmanuel says:

The update does not work.
There is a crash on “4.5.1-0qtcreator.7z”.
I looked in the temporary directory and the file “4.5.1-0qtcreator.7z” is not a valid archive.

Andre Somers says:

The update for Qt simply doesn’t appear in my Maintance Tool.

JKSH says:

@Andre Somers: Have you fully updated Maintenance Tool itself? (Pick the “Update Components” option)

Did you use the Qt SDK Repo Chooser? If so, re-run the Chooser.

Tham says:


Alex says:

Did all the fixes available in 5.9.4 make into 5.10.1?

@Alex: Yes (excluding the ones that were not relevant).

Alex says:

Thanks for your prompt answer! Happy to switch from 5.9.3 to 5.10.1 for production then.

HGH says:

Why getting to this page: https://www1.qt.io/offline-installers/ is now so difficult???

Anders Hafreager says:

Will there be a 5.10.2?

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

We aren’t planning to release Qt 5.10.2, see http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2018-February/032068.html

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