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Qt 5.11 Alpha Released

Published Tuesday February 20th, 2018
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Qt 5.11 Alpha is released today. As usual the official Alpha is a source code delivery only, but later we will offer development snapshots of Qt 5.11 regularly via the online installer.

Please check Qt 5.11 New Features wiki to see what new is coming with Qt 5.11 release. Please note that the feature list is still in progress and not to be considered final before the first Beta release.

Next milestone in our way to final Qt 5.11 release (which is planned to happen in May) will be first Beta release. We are targeting to get it out as soon as possible soon after the Alpha. We will release several Beta releases in similar manner as before, available via the online installer.

Please download the Qt 5.11 Alpha source packages from your Qt Account or from download.qt.io.

Most importantly, remember to give us feedback by writing to the mailing lists and reporting bugs.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


joniyang says:

any chance qwebpage support in qtwebengine ? it should be straightforward for qt to implement, since it is now already supported by upstream source https://blog.chromium.org/2017/05/chrome-59-beta-headless-chromium-native.html

Allan Jensen Allan Jensen says:

The Chromium solution is basically a separate QPA, it is not a headless support in a running application. It is also really buggy and not very useful. We are keeping an eye on it, and might do something if it makes sense at some point. But is is not trivial.

joniyang says:

I dissagre with something to put at QPA level. The real use case is like render to a QPainter without either QWindow or QWidget dependency. Therefore, a QObject subclass would be enough. However, I agree with QTBUG-62439 that the qtquick scenegraph shall be direct dependent towards scene not QWindow.

José Rodrigo says:

What about a DoubleSpinBox for QQ Controls 2?

J-P Nurmi J-P Nurmi says:

It’s best to file in suggestions at bugreports.qt.io so they won’t get buried in comment fields. Thanks 🙂

Serhiy Malokhatko says:

Really need:
1. QDockWidget dockable to center area.
2. QTabWiget with detachable tabs, like in Chrome.
Are there any plans to improve QTabWidget and

Serhiy Malokhatko says:

Pardon me)))
Are there any plans to improve QTabWidget and QDockWidget?

Clemens says:

Would love to see that too. Sadly, QtWidget is not getting that much attention anymore, even though there is still a lot of room for improvement. There are many applications and use-cases on the Desktop, where QtQuick does not make sense (imho).

Besides dock/detach functionality, I’d also like to see a “QTokenField” for tags/keywords, similar to NSTokenField on macOS: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/TokenField_Guide/Introduction/Introduction.h

Louis says:

Hi, thanks for your hard work!

I’ve seen in the page you mentioned that Qt Quick Controls 1 is considered as deprecated. Does it mean that TableView and TreeView will have a version in Qt Quick Control 2? Do you have any information about it? https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-51710 is one issue that is strongly expected by many.

J-P Nurmi J-P Nurmi says:

The new TableView will not be part of Qt Quick Controls 2. It will be part of Qt Quick (just like ListView and GridView are) and it will use a similar architecture/API to ListView and GridView. Qt Quick Controls 2 provides delegates, scrollbars, and other styled controls to use in conjunction with the new TableView.

ErikJ says:

Thank you for working on a decent TableView.

Will this tableview be compatible with the QAbstractItemView in the sense that it is able to display the columns in a QAbstractItemModel without the need to add roles for all columns and implement roleNames ?

It would be a major improvement for Qt Quick if we simply reuse our existing C++ models and connect them to a Qt Quick control.

J-P Nurmi J-P Nurmi says:

Yes, support for proper table models is one of the most important criterias for the new TableView.

ErikJ says:

Great, looking forward to it !
Thank you.

Miked says:

What about a replacement for TreeView?

Pichalka says:

Debugging QJSEngine?…

Ulf says:

Debugging QJSEngine should work. Please add some more details and a bug report at https://bugreports.qt.io if it doesn’t.

Will says:

Is the documentation on the new Qt3D ray casting stuff really far enough along to even be called “Alpha?”

The full Detailed description for QRayCaster currently reads:

“The QRayCaster…”

And the complete Detailed description for QScreenRayCaster is:

“The QScreenRayCaster…”

Ah, with such a clear explanation of the difference between the two classes, I can definitely start using them and offer feedback and bugfixes by using this Alpha release! I am sure lots of people will have useful feedback from their experience doing… something… with those new classes. I mean, I know documentation is always rough in a pre-release, but a vague description could have been written even before the classes were fully implemented, to explain the general concept of these classes with clearly similar names to help people who are working on implementing them to inderstand which should be for what, etc.

Sean Harmer says:

The docs for these will be completed asap. We needed to get this feature in to 5.11 to support the Qt 3D Studio runtime but unfortunately the person who wrote the classes has had to go on the road for business so the docs missed the alpha. We are not paid to work on Qt so we have to put our business requirements first I’m afraid.

Will says:

Good to hear docs work is on the radar, and apologies if I came across harsher than I intended. It’s just exciting to see a new feature like Christmas morning, and a little frustrating to see that the toys are still wrapped up so you can’t quite see what they are yet without doing some extra work!

Hopefully all of Qt3D gets some Docs love. There’s a ton of cool functionality that I think would catch on more if it were a bit more accessible.

d3fault says:

now that qmlcompiler is in open source version, qt creator should add the CONFIG += qmlcompiler line to empty/new qtquick/qml projects it creates. same with qbs projects ofc

Leonid Dulman says:

I tried to build Qt 5.11 alpha in Windows with VC 2017 release 15, but have got next massage on qtwebengine :
needs VS 2017 Update 3.2 with Cumulative Servicing Release or higher

What is my problem ? Thank you. Leonid

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