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Qt for Automation Blog Series

Published Wednesday May 9th, 2018
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It’s not a big secret that both the industrial and infrastructure sectors will be far more automated in the future. The main trends that drive this movement are the ubiquitous Digital Transformation, as well as standardization within the industry 4.0 and upcoming industrial IoT technologies. Side note: if you’d like to learn more about those trends in detail, we have written two ebooks on the topic. One focuses on the technical aspects, one on the business aspects. Both are of course free on our resources page

On the road to discovering new businesses ventures, you may have asked yourself: What are use cases? Is the market ready? How do we monetize our product? Is the technology ready?

If the last one sounds like more of an afterthought, you might not be aware of all the pitfalls related to scalability you will encounter sooner or later:

Think about thousands of sensors that measure dozens of different types of data, network environments with varying degrees of reliability, numerous variations of user end-points with or without displays. Add to that the choice of platform you want to run your software on. Desktop environments? Mobile? Embedded? The Cloud?

Generally speaking, you will have to implement more functionalities for more use-cases, on many platforms, in many flavors, with better performance and footprint, but with less code and smaller data traffic!

Perfectly aligning all these elements requires careful planning to avoid scalability issues and to stay flexible to efficiently develop, improve and maintain your applications.

The good news is that leading technology vendors are already looking for solutions. And that’s what this blog series is about: To inspire and prepare you with best practices and technologies on how to start off your project and make it ready for the future.

Over the next couple of weeks, please look forward to reading the following topics (links will be updated as we publish the posts):

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Posted in Automation, Biz Circuit, Embedded | Tags: , , , , , ,

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jason says:

One of the areas where Qt could do better for automation is having support for AI, because AI is becoming ubiquitous. While I am not suggesting a Qt powered replacement for TensorFlow or Keras, I would like to have Qt support for neural network **evaluation** (“forward propagation”) only. This would mean something like taking the model (having been learned in TF or Keras) and evaluating it on whatever hardware we have available. I started work on this just recently: However it is very minimal at this stage. I basically have a python script that takes an export of the keras model and writes a C/C++/C++(Qt)/JS/Python function that can be compiled in.

It would be wonderful if Qt could
1. accelerate it to use OpenGL/CL or SMID to execute the function faster (where available).
2. eliminate the need for the function compilation and go straight from model to evaluation

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