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Code contributions via bug reports and forum posts

Published Wednesday May 16th, 2018
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Contribution of source code is now allowed via Qt systems such as bug reports and forums. Traditionally all source code contributions to the Qt Project are governed via Contribution License Agreement (CLA), except possibility given to the commercial license holders to provide bug fixes and similar small modifications that The Qt Company has pushed into Qt. We have now updated the Qt Account service terms to more clearly state that source code can be contributed via the Qt systems.

The preferred way to contribute source code to the Qt Project is still via the CLA, according to the contribution guidelines. But sometimes a user who has not accepted the CLA has a patch that would, for example, fix a bug in Qt. Providing such a patch is now also possible via the Qt systems, for example via the bug reports or forum posts.

When such a “casual contribution” is done, it will be the responsibility of The Qt Company to pick up the contributed source code and complete the needed steps of pushing the fix into Qt. So the contributed code will not automatically go in as-is, but via the regular contribution process that ensures good quality of the source code in the Qt repositories.

The earlier service terms of the Qt Account and other Qt systems already provided adequate rights for The Qt Company to publish the content provided by the registered users. However, the earlier version did not explicitly mention that this includes source code, so we wanted to make the clarification. As we take these matters seriously, we will only use source code contributed from now on. In case you have earlier submitted a patch via some of the Qt systems, please submit it again.

In addition to providing source code, there are many other ways to contribute to Qt, for example by reporting bugs, supporting others in Qt mailing lists or forums, translating to other languages, and writing documentation.

If you have any questions regarding contributions to Qt, please do not hesitate to ask from our legal.

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Posted in Contributors, Dev Loop, Licensing, Open Governance, Qt Project

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Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer says:

Thanks *a lot*! This makes our distro-maintainers duties much more easy!

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