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Enterprise Application Development with Velneo and Qt

Published Tuesday August 21st, 2018
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Do you enjoy case studies? We sure do, especially when those case studies are examples of finest work born from one’s passion for code.

There are many great Qt user stories in desktop applications. One of them comes from Velneo, an innovative Spanish tech company with their development platform that includes a rapid application development tool called Velneo vDevelop, and its application engine.

Despite mobile and web apps being all the rage, desktop applications stay highly relevant in the enterprise market. Native desktop applications beat web apps in performance and far superior user experience regularly. Thousands of Velneo users will attest.

Velneo vDevelop is the visual editor following the WYSIWYG approach. It’s developed using Qt Widgets and other Qt components. In addition, Velneo has developed their own easy and simple-to-learn programming language that saves users from complex implementation details. Velneo vDevelop and the programming language are the main ingredients that let you cook powerful applications – fast and easy.

With the framework, users can create finished software that uses Qt Quick, Qt Widgets, and several other modules. The runtime uses Qt modules that open up various ways to meet user demands in this market.

See below some of the vDevelop editor screenshots.




Check out this video for many examples of ERP, CRM, accounting, and other business applications built with Velneo and Qt. How many different Qt Widgets can you spot? 🙂

To learn more about how Velneo is using Qt, read the case study in our Built with Qt section. If you have any questions about desktop application development, get in touch!

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Posted in Biz Circuit, Qt, Qt in use


Cesar Ribera says:

I once commented in Quora about Velneo. Unfortunatedly, this tool is still unkown in the english-speaking world, despite it has UNMATCHED productivity regarding building business apps from scratch (I say it after decades of experience, knowing practically all mainstream development tools, including RAD tools) . https://www.quora.com/Is-there-a-RAD-app-building-tool-created-with-Qt-Creator

If you want extra inside info, in English, of an external developer using the tool (not related to the tool vendors at all, I live in Bolivia), feel free to contact me cjribera AT yahoo.com

Jesús Fernández Jesús Fernández says:

Yeah, Velneo is an awesome tool.

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