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Qt 5.12 Alpha Released

Published Tuesday September 18th, 2018
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I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.12 Alpha is released today. There are prebuild binaries as well in addition to source code packages with Alpha release.

Please check Qt 5.12 New Features wiki to see what new is coming with Qt 5.12 release. Please note that the feature list is still in progress and not to be considered final before the first Beta release.

Our target is to start releasing regular beta releases quite soon after this Alpha release.  First beta release should be out within few weeks, see details from 5.12 wiki.

Please take a tour and test Qt 5.12 Alpha. You can download the Qt 5.12 Alpha source packages from your Qt Account or from download.qt.io and prebuild binaries by using Qt Online Installer.

Most importantly, remember to give us feedback by writing to the mailing lists and reporting bugs to Jira.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Gremwell says:

Hey, just downloaded the latest online installer for mac, the linked wiki page mentions a Technical Preview for webassembly, but there is no install option for the webassembly TP. Is this a packaging mistake?

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

QtWebAssembly TP is source delivery only. So it is included in release src package but no pre-build binaries for it in the release.

m][sko says:

Can anybody look at
QTBUG-69735, QTBUG-70293, QTBUG-70358, QTBUG-69288, QTBUG-70358
I did propose patch but no response 🙁

Allan Jensen Allan Jensen says:

If you have patches, you should contribute them using gerrit, see http://wiki.qt.io/Qt_Contribution_Guidelines That way they get into our review system. You might still need add the right reviewers and sometimes ping them on IRC if they are busy, but it is much easier to integrate patches that are contributed the right way.

If the patch isn’t trivial, we often aren’t even able to take it without going through gerrit as you need to verify you agree to the license, which gerrit handles for us.

Christian says:

You have to provide your patches through gerrit as mentioned e.g. here: QTBUG-69735

Robin Lobel says:

Will there be a QVulkanWidget in the final?

Allan Jensen Allan Jensen says:

The alpha is always after feature freeze, so no. There has been a QVulkanWindow since 5.10 though, and you should be able to embed any QWindow into a QWidget using QWidget::createWindowContainer.

raneon says:

Are menu’s and sub menu’s positioned now correctly on Wayland? Quite an annoyance when using KDE on Wayland!

Johan Helsing Johan Helsing says:

Could you be more specific? There have been many bugs for popup positioning, and many have been fixed. Please create a new bug report if there isn’t one.

There is at least one remaining: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-68636 . It’s challenging, because wayland doesn’t have a concept of global window positions, which for instance widgets make heavy use of.

In many cases, an easy workaround for the application programmer is parenting the popup relative to another window. I.e. if it’s a menu, the parent should be the main window or the parent menu.

Unfortunately, our API’s make the assumption that global postioning is possible, so it isn’t always something that can be fixed within Qt. Sometimes popups/menus are positioned globally, and we have to make guesses about parents based on the last input event and try to recalculate global positions as relative ones, but it doesn’t always work that well.

Again, bug reports are welcome! Just make sure to create a new one if there isn’t one matching your issue exactly.

raneon says:

Thanks for your feedback. I was referring to this one https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-51640. Usually I do report bugs, but in this case it didn’t seems helpful to just add another comment into the existing bug report.

yunlong wang says:

I posted a bug of Qt 5.11 two months ago, but until now it is still not solved. Is this bug fixed in Qt 5.12?

The bug post can be found in,

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

Unfortunately we can’t fix all reported bugs for the release, sorry. That specified bug is open at the moment and it is not a blocker for the release so I can’t say if it will be fixed in 5.12 final or not. The best way to ensure the bug will be fixed is to fix it by yourself and contribute the fix using gerrit, see http://wiki.qt.io/Qt_Contribution_Guidelines

Pavel says:

Debugging interface for QJSEngine? ((

Markus says:

What is the status of switching Android toolchains to clang? The toolchain from the installer is still using gcc.
QTBUG-67464 mentions 5.12 as a fix version, is this still planned?

Tony Sarajärvi Tony Sarajärvi says:

Our CI tool doesn’t yet support this, but we have a commit inbound that should enable this. I’m working on getting it there ASAP.

Stanislas RENAN says:


What about mingw5.3/mingw7.3 toolchains on Windows (version 7 and up) ?
What versions are planned to be supported in 5.12 and in the next versions ?
From the Maintenance tool :
Qt 5.12 alpha shows no mingw 5.3 package, only 64-bit 7.3.
Qt 5.11.2 snapshot shows no mingw 7.3 package although it is referenced in http://wiki.qt.io/Qt_5.11_Tools_and_Versions with a distinction between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

From Qt 5.12 -> we will have MinGW7.3 64bit supported and we will offer prebuild binaries for it. And we won’t offer prebuilt binaries for MinGW5.3 32bit anymore. But if needed you should be able to compile Qt 5.12 by yourself by using MinGW5.3 as well.

And with Qt 5.11.2 we will still have prebuild binaries for MinGW5.3 32bit as earlier. But not prebuild binaries for MinGW7.3 64bit yet even there is CI up and running for that as well. So you should be able to compile Qt 5.11.2 by using MinGW7.3 as well.

Stanislas RENAN says:

Thanks for your answer.

I missed one point about Android.
Will 5.12 contain clang 64-bit prebuilt binaries (should I say for Windows 7 host as well) ? Otherwise, is it planned for a next Qt release ?

Why ?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is needes as a consequence of :
Google plans to make 64 bit NDK binaries mandatory (from https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2017/12/improving-app-security-and-performance.html : In August 2019, Play will require that new apps and app updates with native libraries provide 64-bit versions in addition to their 32-bit versions. ).
Currently, I’ve only seen 32-bit armeabi-v7a binaries (gcc-armv7 on https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_5.11_Tools_and_Versions).
As far as I know, gcc is no more supported on current NDK, so I guess there won’t be a 64-bit toolchain with gcc targetting this OS provided by Google.
clang is to become supported for Android platform (we can see progress on Jira, great).
Google provides a toolchain for targetting both 32 and 64 bit Android, based on clang.

Markus says:

This is https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-66063 , which has been set to P2.

If this isn’t fixed for 5.12, everybody who wants to bring an android app with Qt 5.12 to the app store mid of next year will be forced to build the 64 bit version of qt himself. And this might be likely to fail if the 64 bit builds are not tested in CI (which is the case AFAIK).

So I also believe this should be adressed with higher priority.

@Markus: Work is already ongoing (https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTQAINFRA-2078). The bug you mentioned seems to be in incorrect status as it is in progress for 5.12 LTS.

@Stanislas: Work is ongoing for this: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTQAINFRA-2078

Stanislas RENAN says:

Great news ! Thanks for pointing this INFRA ticket.
That may not be the place to discuss, but what’s the difference between compiler and target compiler, in qt5.txt ?

Nikita says:

Why do you still offer prebuilt binaries for 6 UWP platforms and still no msvc2017 32-bit? Please, add some 32-bit platforms for Windows (msvc2017, return MinGW), I think, you can remove all msvc2015 binaries .

JKSH says:

The MSVC 2015 32-bit pre-compiled binaries can be used with your MSVC 2017 compiler. Just create a custom Kit: http://doc.qt.io/qtcreator/creator-targets.html

Markus says:

As long as MS tends to break things with new MSVC 2017 releases (15.8 did not build Qt from the beginning, I believe until ~15.7 static builds did not work, and some more …), I believe it makes sense to stick with MSVC2015 for the 32 bit binaries. These are likely to be used by people who have a preference for stable stuff, and one before the latest version of Microsoft’s compilers is likely the most stable one since it doesn’t get functional compiler changes anymore …

Philip says:

I’m excited about trying out the new TableView. I can now finally remove Qt Quick Controls 1.0 and replace it with Qt Quick Controls 2.0! Thanks

@Philip: Thanks. We are also exited as the new implementation is so much better performance than what we had earlier.

Wu says:

Automatic driving is very pop, is there any plan about that?

Ivan says:

What Qt could possibly offer in that regard? Would you expect something like this from your hammer and nails too?

jiraya says:

please add support android ndk r18 see QTBUG-70673

Markus says:

Out of interest: What do you need NDK r18 for?

heh says:

Android Studio autoupdate?

Smit says:

Waiting for TableView on qml .

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