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Qt 5.9.7 Released

Published Tuesday October 23rd, 2018
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Qt 5.9.7 is released today. As a patch release Qt 5.9.7 does not add any new functionality, but provides important bug fixes and other improvements.

Compared to Qt 5.9.6, the new Qt 5.9.7 contains almost 60 bug fixes. In total there are around 180 changes in Qt 5.9.7 compared to Qt 5.9.6. For details of the most important changes, please check the Change files of Qt 5.9.7.

Qt 5.9.7 can be updated to using the maintenance tool of the online installer. For new installations, please download latest online installer from Qt Account portal or from qt.io Download page. Offline packages are available for commercial users in the Qt Account portal and at the qt.io Download page for open-source users.

As written in previous blog posts target is still continue publishing new patch releases for Qt 5.9 series, but with slower cadence than earlier.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Alan says:

Thanks a lot, I had been waiting for it after 5.9.6 broke things for me. 🙂

Liang Jian says:

Unfortunately, building iOS project for simulator with xcode 10 was still broken.

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

Yes, This is known issue(QTBUG-71313) and already listed as a known issue in known issues page, see https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_5.9.7_Known_Issues

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