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Qt Visual Studio Tools 2.3.0 Released

Published Wednesday November 28th, 2018
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A new development release of the Qt VS Tools, version 2.3.0, is now available to download in the the Qt download page.

Important changes include:

For details of what is included in this version, please refer to the change log.

This development release will not be published to the Visual Studio Marketplace. We will continue working on the upcoming official release, to be published to the VS Marketplace, which will include a few additional features and bug-fixes.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, Releases, Visual Studio, Windows


HGH says:

Horrible page: https://download.qt.io/development_releases/vsaddin/

What was wrong with the old download page that you destroyed and it is so difficult now to find what you look for?

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll relay your concerns to the people in charge of web design.
Meanwhile, here are links to the newly released installation packages; hope it helps:

Please do try out the new version, if you have the chance, and let us know what you think!

Nitroboy says:

Good news.
Will try it.
But for now, can not see a way to create QtQuick Application Project in visual studio 2017 (as the one existing in Qt Creator).
How can I create a Qt/Qml project with QQmlApplicationEngine to load qml file inside visual studio today ?

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

We still need to add wizards/project templates for Qt Quick Application projects. Meanwhile, if you don’t already have a QML-enabled Visual Studio project, you can convert an existing qmake project (e.g. one of the Qt examples) by selecting the option “Open Qt Project File (.pro)…” in the “Qt VS Tools” menu.

Nitroboy says:

Thanks Miguel 🙂
It works well.

R Kh says:

After upgrading Qt VS Tools from v2.2.2 to v2.3.0 in VS 2015, I was no longer able to start debugging from the IDE — my QtQuick app process hung before showing any GUI occupying roughly 1 CPU core. The last Output message was “QML Debugger: Connecting to socket {367D6A69-A790-31D5-BACD-AFF6B47080CC}…”, preceded by a bunch of messages about loading “qmldbg_*.dll” modules.
It is only after disabling QML Debugging via the addon’s “Qt Project Setting” menu that I’m able to debug as before. Neither downgrading to v2.2.2 nor uninstalling this buggy addon fixed the project until QML Debugging was not disabled.

Thanks for fixing some annoying bugs at least.

Te says:

Same here, infinite “QML Debugger: Connecting to socket “, also on VS 2015

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

Thanks for the feedback. I’m currently unable to reproduce the problem that you described. Could you please open an issue in https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTVSADDINBUG and describe the situation in detail, including what Qt version you’re using and what steps to take to reproduce the problem? Thank you.

R Kh says:

@moderators There’s definitely a bug in the blog web engine: being logged in, I see none of my earlier comments here (awaiting moderation). It is very confusing!
Hard-refreshing the page or logging in via another (vanilla) browser gives the same result. After I post this comment, I’ll see those earlier ones. Please pass it to the web site team.

Ian says:

Hi, I installed version 2.3.0 but cannot debug. Not sure if our project is just not detected as a “qml project” but there is not even a “QML Debug” entry in the Qt Options of the tool. What kind of project is necessary for debugging? We use VS in folder mode with CMake and QQmlEngine, shouldn’t that be enough?

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

To use the Qt VS Tools you need a Visual Studio C++ project (.vcxproj). The extension will not work in “folder mode”, though this is a feature that we will probably be looking into in the near future.

m][sko says:

2.3.0 missing qt5.natvis

Ian says:

I was able to fix that by creating the directory where it will be stored. For me I just created “Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Visualizers” in my user folder. Then I installed 2.3.0 again and qt5.natvis was stored in that directory. The error message should tell you where it expects qt5.natvis to be.

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

Opened an issue: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTVSADDINBUG-593. Watch this issue to track the progress of the bug fix.

DevTester says:

msvc precompiled header project doens’t work.
qrc file build failed. ( does not found stdafx.h )

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

Opened an issue: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTVSADDINBUG-594. Watch this issue to track the progress of the bug fix.

Tom Isaacson says:

When might this be released for Visual Studio 2019 Preview? It’s not recognised now.

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

We’re working on a release for VS 2019, as soon as we have any news on that we’ll post them here.

Olga Abraimova says:

That’s great! We’ve been looking forward to QML debugging in Visual Studio for a while.
However I didn’t manage to get it working.
We have a CMake Qt project with generated .sln file, Qt 5.9.6, Visual Studio 2017, MSVC 2015 x64 compiler, Qt Visual Studio Tools 2.3.0. I added the following defines to my CMakeList.txt QT_QML_DEBUG and/or QT_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG and built the solution. When starting debugging the app hangs on an attempt to connect to the QML port.
Note: Qt Project Setting are not available for any project in the solution.

Does it work with CMake projects or am I doing something wrong?

Miguel Costa Miguel Costa says:

The Qt VS Tools are designed to support “traditional”, MSBuild-based Visual Studio projects (.vcxproj). As such, QML debugging will currently only work for those projects. Support for “Open Folder” solutions and CMake projects is something that we will be looking into in the very near future.

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