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Qt Creator 4.8.1 released

Published Thursday January 17th, 2019
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.8.1!

This release contains fixes for:

  • wrong background color being used for some text highlighting items
  • Qt Creator sometimes crashing when renaming a file in the file system view
  • the Clang code model back-end crashing when the bugprone-suspicious-missing-comma check was enabled
  • various errors occurring when parsing Boost headers
  • various issues arising with the debugger integration
  • the ANDROID_NDK_PLATFORM being wrong and debugging having issues on Android ARMv8
  • Qt Creator sometimes crashing when attempting to detect Android toolchain ABIs

To name some of them. Find out more in our change log!

Get Qt Creator 4.8.1

The opensource version is available on the Qt download page, and you find commercially licensed packages on the Qt Account Portal. Qt Creator 4.8.1 is also available through an update in the online installer. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You can also find us on IRC on #qt-creator on chat.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Qt, QtCreator, Releases


Dan Princ says:

Great release! Much appreciate fixing clang code model when parsing boost headers, that was a real pain.

Jason says:

This is great! I was affected by HALF the issues listed.

Andrey says:

Thanks for release ! Is it possible to fine tune clazy checks, for example disable only “non-pod-global-static” on level “Level 1” ?

tr3w says:

Thanks for the release!

I’m back on some c++ project after skipping a year or so, and the new clang code model is super great.
The code completion is working perfectly for my templated code, and thanks to the inline warnings and errors I have virtually no failed builds (except when gcc thinks something else about the standard than clang, but that’s only happened once 🙂 ).

Great progress!

Qt Deveolper says:

Pretty printing of enumeration values is fixed finally and I can upgrade my favourite IDE to the latest version! Thank you very much!

Nick says:

There’s a bug in the online installer on Linux. I upgraded to 4.8.1, but desktop files and icons got installed into ~/.local/share/flatpak/exports/share. This is wrong. They should go to ~/.local/share.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

I see one change in the online installer that could be related and is actually a fix for handling of XDG_DATA_* environment variables: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTIFW-1043

Are these environment variables set for you?

Nick says:

It seems that this fix breaks stuff. XDG_DATA_DIRS is not supposed to be used for creating desktop entries. The paths it specifies should be treated as read-only. So this fix introduced a bug.

I filed a bug about this here, linking to the XDG spec and quoting the relevant parts, which the above fix is misinterpreting:


Vil says:

This is great news, thanks a lot for the debugger fixes!

Noob says:

Hello! Did somebody update Qt Creator?
I had 4.8.0 version. Yesterday I updated to 4.8.1 via QtMaintenanceTool. After this, Qt creator disappeared, I have only Tools/QtCreator/share/qtcreator/QtProject/qtcreator folders in Qt/Tools, without some files. QtMaintenanceTool doesn’t indicate updates existing.
Do somebody got the same problem or this is my local issue?
I use Linux Mint. Kernel: Linux 4.15.0-43-generic x86_64.

Katja says:

Hi, I found a bug report about the same issue:
Could you attach the the bugreport the InstallationLog.txt, next to the MaintenanceTool. In case you want to get the QtCreator, open components.xml (next to MaintenanceTool) and downgrade the qt.tools.qtcreator Version number. Then installer should offer you the update again.

anonymous says:

There’s still the completion bug making the mouse arrow disapeare when the completion activates.

Great work by the way.

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