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Qt 5.13 Alpha Released

Published Wednesday February 13th, 2019
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I am happy to inform that Qt 5.13 Alpha is released today. You can download Qt 5.13 Alpha via online installer (both source and prebuild binary packages). Source packages are also available for commercial users in the Qt Account portal and in the download.qt.io for open-source users.

Qt 5.13 New Features page contains information about most important changes coming with the release. Please remember creating the list is still in progress so something important can still be missing. List should be completed by Beta1.

Target is to release Beta1 within coming weeks, when API reviews are concluded. And as with previous releases we will release regular beta n releases until we are ready for RC. Target for Beta1 is 26.2.2019, see whole schedule from Qt 5.13 wiki.

Please take a tour & test Qt 5.13 already now. All feedback is welcome so please give it us feedback by writing to the mailing lists and reporting bugs to Jira.

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Eli says:

I downloaded Qt 5.13 from the maintenance tool yesterday to test the new lottie qml module. Unfortunately it was not included, so I had to download and compile it from source. I’m really looking forward to use lottie in production when all the missing features are in place!

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

Hi Eli. Please update your installation today with official Alpha; it contains also qtlottie binaries now.

Jos van den Oever says:

Will Qt Quick Controls 2 get a TreeView at some point?

Karol says:

TreeView will belong to QtQuick just like ListView, GridView and TableView, because It can be used without QtQuick.Controls 2 too. You can vote here https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-61630.

juers says:

I have an input delay with Qml. To clarify this, I’m not talking about drag.threshold = 0, the Rectangle is not in sync with the mouse during the movement. After reading a lot, it seems like it’s a Vsync issue, but “QSG_RENDER_LOOP=basic” hasn’t changed anything. Either it’s OS related (linux) or HW related (Nvidia).

I just tried this: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-draganddrop-example.html

I am the only one having an input issue? If I use the “old” QGraphipcsView, everything works as expected.

Ram says:

Why Qt Creator is included in the Qt release? After downloading and installing open source Qt version (on Linux), Qt Creator always shows up as Enterprise edition. Do we need to reset any settings before / after installing?

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

What do you mean with ‘Qt Creator always shows up as Enterprise edition’? Do you have old, enterprise installation at the bottom? or what? I tested clean installation in Linux & didn’t see any issues there.

qplace says:

I am very eager to try webassembly with Qt. So far I am unable to locate any up-to-date tutorials, step by step guides etc.
Can you tell if these tutorials/guides are available for Qt 5.13-alpha and if yes, then where are they?

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

That’s great to hear! All the practical information is currently in the Wiki: https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_for_WebAssembly

And we also published a blog to help get you started: https://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/11/19/getting-started-qt-webassembly/


what about json list model? What about built-in support for AdMob or some other popular advertising platform? What about actually using Qt 3D for gaming? Take a look at what v-play are doing, it’s exactly what the developers want, buy them !

RonnyO says:

Are there any plans/timeline to fix the PySide2 documentation?

Cristián Cristián says:

What do you mean?
The documentation is up and running here: https://doc.qt.io/qtforpython/
If you are talking about having still some C++ snippets lying around, it’s something we are constantly updating.

zehudev says:

On macOS Mojave with Qt 5.12 dragging multiple files does not work.
Qt 5.12.1 not fixed, Qt 5.13 not fixed. And it is not listed in known bugs section.

Our company is considering Electron in future and this is the reason
– You are concentrating on enterprise only, where company can decide not to update OS.
– So you are ignoring new operation system until it is released. Because you know, that big companies will update OS when everything is OK.
– But small companies or home users can update any time expecting that everything will work. But Qt framework does not respect this policy.

Simply you do not care about this.

Jani Heikkinen Jani Heikkinen says:

Hi zehudev. Do you have bug reports about those issues you commented?

zehudev says:

This is dnd
This QMacCocoaViewContainer


Many bugs can be solved using workaround ( as somebody suggested in blog comments ) but e.g. drag ‘n drop or cocoaviewcontainer is too complex to replace it with workaround.

@zehudev: We regularly test with the pre-releases of operating systems to make sure things work smoothly after the new version of the OS is released for users. Of course sometimes there can be changes in the last minute, but all OS vendors try to avoid these. That said, some items can take more time to fix that we have available. We always aim to have the most important items in good shape as early as possible – typically already before the new OS version is officially released.

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