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Qt 5.13.0 Beta1 released

Published Tuesday March 19th, 2019
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I am happy to announce that Qt 5.13.0 Beta1 is released today. As earlier we release updates as Beta N regularly until we are ready for RC. Current estimation for RC is 7th May 2019, see the schedule from 5.13 wiki.

Beta1 (and later releases) can be installed by using online installer as usual. Commercial users can found online installer from their Qt Account and Opensource users from download.qt.io. We are not planning to blog next Beta releases or RC so please follow mailing lists to get the notification when new ones are available. And of course you can use maintenance tool’s update option to check if there is update already available.

I hope you will now start testing Qt 5.13 beta release(s) and report your findings via Jira. It is really important to do the testing now; we need to understand the release status and recognize release blockers as soon as possible to be able to get the final release out as planned. So please install beta1 now & update it regularly with latest changes. And please make sure all release blockers can be found from release blocker list.

From Qt 5.13 New Features page you can find the details what new Qt 5.13 release contains.

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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Qt, Releases


Eli says:

What does: “Improved support for enums declared in C++.” mean in detail?

Karol says:


codezeug says:


wu says:

need qt5.13.run

Zentox says:

Nice Job!
What about Tizen OS Platform?

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