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Qt Creator 4.10 Beta released

Published Thursday June 20th, 2019
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.10 Beta!

Some highlights in this version of Qt Creator are:


You can “pin” files so they stay open when closing all files. Check the context menu on the document dropdown and the Open Documents pane.

The client for the Language Server Protocol is now better integrated into Locator, shows tooltip information from the server, and has more flexible server settings.
We also moved the plugin out of the experimental state, so it is enabled by default.


You can filter many of the output panes for lines matching an expression.

The Qt Widgets Application and C++ Library wizards finally allow you to choose CMake or Qbs as the build system.

We added support for Android targets to CMake and Qbs projects.

For remote Linux targets you can now deploy all files that are installed by your build system’s install step.

We added basic support for Boost tests.

Please have a look at our change log for a more complete overview of changes. Many thanks to all who contributed to this release!

Get Qt Creator 4.10 Beta

The opensource version is available on the Qt download page under “Pre-releases”, and you find commercially licensed packages on the Qt Account Portal. Qt Creator 4.10 Beta is also available under Preview > Qt Creator 4.10.0-beta1 in the online installer. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You can also find us on IRC on #qt-creator on chat.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, QtCreator, Releases


Zak says:

Happy to see qbs is still there

Borgar says:


Jack says:


And does Qt Creator support iOS build with qbs or cmake?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

As of now, no.

Richard Weickelt says:

As long as Qbs can be built with the same version of Qt as QtCreator, there is no reason to remove it. See https://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/qbs/2019-May/002400.html

Everybody is invited to participate in the further development of Qbs. By using it, creating tickets, submitting patches, spreading the word.


Alex says:

Yes, definitely a good thing. Hopefully they change their view for deprecation…

kaleb says:


mohsen says:


Wolfgang says:


Zentox says:

Nice work!

About QBS for Android:

Properties {
qbs.targetPlatform: “android”
qbs.java.compilerVersion : “”
qbs.architectures: “armv7a”
condition: qbs.buildVariant === “debug”
cpp.optimization: “small”

I have a question about this error :

/Applications/Qt Creator.app/Contents/Resources/qbs/share/qbs/modules/java/JavaModule.qbs:171: warning: The following properties are not set. Set them in your profile or product:
The following properties have invalid values:
java.compilerVersion: must be a version number with 3 to 4 components
java.compilerVersionMajor: must be an integer >= 1
java.compilerVersionMinor: must be an integer >= 0
java.compilerVersionPatch: must be an integer >= 0
java.compilerVersionUpdate: must be an integer >= 0

How can I fix it?

Chris says:

Seems java cannot be found.. as you’re on macOS: is JAVA_HOME set as environment variable?

Vladimir Kraus says:

Please improve “intellisense”/code completion. It only works if there is a whitespace to the right of the cursor. This is so much annoying and limiting.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Please report a bug on https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QTCREATORBUG with details on your project and environment. For me completion e.g. in the situation “QStr|foo” (where | is my cursor position) work perfectly fine.

libexso says:

This is awesom that we will get Android targets to CMake

Andrey says:

Thanks for FILTER in messages and output !
Please fix font size bug https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-22536

Carl says:

Glad CMake support is getting “real”, as in support for widget apps.. I am using Qt Creator/CMake with Conan as it helps to ramp up the new folks in the team.

DimanNe says:

Will there be an url for downloading QtCreator in the form of http://download.qt.io/official_releases/qtcreator/4.9/4.9.1/installer_source/linux_gcc_64_rhel72/qtcreator.7z?

This is the only way of installing QtCreator in Dockerfile, because your (offline/online) installer requires human interactions, and therefore cannot be easily used in docker.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Yes, except that as a pre-release it is located under https://download.qt.io/development_releases/qtcreator/4.10/4.10.0-beta1/

dimanne says:

Cool, thank you very much! Now I am going to try the beta! 🙂

HGH says:

“We added support for Android targets to CMake and Qbs projects.” – That’s nice but have you fixed the overall CMake usability issues, which were so bad that I gave up using QtCreator for CMake projects and I just use Visual Studio Code instead?

Also consider supporting Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 CMakeSettings.json format for configuring CMake projects, which is also proposed to be used by Android Studio eventually.


HGH says:

BTW. I loved the qbs support but since you killed it I’ll be using CMake in the foreseeable future.

Kai says:

I don’t know why everyone believes that Qbs was “killed”? It is open source. It will only be killed by the rumor that it is killed. While people use it and help the development (reporting bugs, providing patches) it will be alive!
So you can say: Switchting from Qbs to CMake kills Qbs…

@Kai: Absolutely! Qbs is available via the Qt project and all contributions are welcome.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

“That’s nice but have you fixed the overall CMake usability issues”

That is impossible to answer without knowing which specific issues you refer to.

Yacine BENAFFANE says:

Will we have more support for PySide2? I mean auto complete, auto compile with resource files, a real build project etc …

nomad says:

can we expect language server highlighting?

since 4.9 highlighting went to shit for non-c++

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

“since 4.9 highlighting went to shit for non-c++”

You mean you are annoyed that we switched to KSyntaxHighlighting. Got it.

“can we expect language server highlighting?”

The Language Server Protocol itself currently does not support highlighting. There is a proposal for adding _semantic_ highlighting, afaik currently only implemented by a Java language server. Qt Creator 4.11 will have support for that proposed part of the protocol on the client side https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt-creator/qt-creator/+/264897 though.

Note that this is only about _semantic_ highlighting, not _syntax_ highlighting, which in Qt Creator still will be done through KSyntaxHighlighting. I don’t know of any initiative to add syntax highlighting to the Language Server Protocol.

nomad says:

>You mean you are annoyed that we switched to KSyntaxHighlighting

incidentally, Eike, do you know of a way to force your own colors with KSyntaxHighlighting? back in ye olde days of 4.8 i simply put “color = ” into items and had a rich highlighting experience.

new KSyntaxHighlighting code ignores color attribute, uses defstyle with c++ colors and so essentially has just two colors: keyword and black.

do i *have* to write a qtcreator patch for this?

programming rust in qtcreator is such a joy but KSyntaxHighlighting just blew it up.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Ok, so this doesn’t actually have to do with KSyntaxHighlighting itself, but our handling of the color information changed. We currently only handle the defStyleNum=”dsXYZ” information and map that to the color settings in Qt Creator (this makes more than two different colors possible though).

At least for items without defStyleNum but a color we should better behave differently.

Related bug reports: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-13545 and https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-22229 .

Martin says:

Sorry for off-topic, but can you possibly share how do you setup the RLS for QtCreator? Does the debugging work too(breakpoints, examining variables, …)?

Styleoshin says:

When will we have a more support for PySide2? ex : Auto complete, a good build projets, auto compile with ressouces files etc …

Abdess says:

Performance Analyzer bug still present in this version, las version that works is 4.9 RC. I haver already reported a bug report https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-22616.

Also, someone else reported this issue at Arch linux, https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/62442

PD: I use official Qt installer.

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