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Qt Creator 4.10 RC released

Published Friday August 2nd, 2019
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.10 RC !

The prebuilt binaries for this release are based on a Qt 5.13.1 snapshot, which should take care of regular crashes that some of you experienced with the earlier Beta releases.
For more details on the 4.10 release, please have a look at the blog post for Beta1 and our change log.

Get Qt Creator 4.10 RC

The opensource version is available on the Qt download page under “Pre-releases”, and you find commercially licensed packages on the Qt Account Portal. Qt Creator 4.10 RC is also available under Preview > Qt Creator 4.10.0-rc1 in the online installer. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You can also find us on IRC on #qt-creator on chat.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

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Posted in Dev Loop, Qt, QtCreator, Releases


Danila says:

Should it launch on CentOS 7.3?
I can get it to run with “qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “” even though it was found.” error, while QtC 4.7.2 works fine.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

It was built and works on CentOS / RHEL 7.6 . Can’t say anything about CentOS 7.3.

Nick says:

I miss being able to “follow symbol under cursor” (or F2 or ctrl+click) to go to the definition of a function. This hasn’t worked for a while now and I always need to manually hunt down my function definitions. Creator will just go to the first call to the function instead of the definition of it.

Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

Is there a bug report for this with details? That certainly does not sound “normal” so we’d need more information for investigation.

Nick says:

While preparing a bug report, I discovered that there’s two different functions involved, not one. “Follow symbol” and “switch between declaration/definition”. It seems I was using the same shortcut for both (F2). This seemed to work a while ago. You press F2 on a function call and it takes you to the declaration of that function. You press F2 again and it would bring you to the definition.

At some point this stopped working and instead there’s a new functionality (or maybe it always was there?) that you need a different keybind for (Shift+F2).

So now I’m not sure if this counts as a bug or intended behavior.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

I can shed some light on how these are supposed to behave.

There “always” were two features:

– Follow Symbol: If you are on a usage it goes to definition if found, otherwise declaration if found. If you are on the symbol name of the definition it goes to declaration and the other way around

– Switch declaration/definition: If you are on the declaration it goes to the definition. If you are somewhere within the definition, even if the text cursor currently is on a usage of another symbol, it goes to the declaration.

Example: “void doSomething() { f|oo(); }” (where | is your text cursor). If you “Follow Symbol” it goes to the definition of foo(). If you “Switch declaration/definition” it goes to the declaration of doSomething().

James says:

Here’s what I’d love to see in QtCreator-

1) A way to reproduce settings across computers easily.

2) I don’t mean this as an insult to Qt (which is something I recommend to everybody already using electron) but I’d like a version of QtCreator which was QtCreator minus ( C++/Qt). Please don’t stop reading! I love Qt but as someone who uses QtCreator with Rust (and again, i love C++, I just need Rust right now), I’d love if there weren’t so many confusing options. Just a thought… Maybe one could be asked if they need QtCreator primiarly for CPP or LSP and then some settings could be done accordinly. Like how Visual Studio does it, C# or C++?

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

You can run Qt Creator with “-noload CppTools -noload QtSupport”, which gets rid of anything that is C++/QML/Qt specific.

Three plugins that get disabled should probably better not be disabled in that scenario: VCS support (submit editor scrapes C++ symbols from the changed files and provides completion for them), PythonEditor (seems to accidentally depend on QtSupport for no apparent reason), and GenericProject, which can also be used for other things than C++ and is useful for language servers that need a project root if Qt Creator doesn’t have specific project support for that language.

James says:

Wow, exactly what I was looking for- you guys are great! I’ll see if I need Generic Project.

Btw, are you sure- ‘About Plugins…’ belongs in help? I would move it to tools, in fact I may help out with that if you could just point me to places where I should look.

James says:

Amazing software by the way!

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