By Michael Herrmann

Michael Hermann was born in Vienna, Austria, and has an MSc from the University of Oxford. He has been working on fman since February 2016. Previously, he founded an appointment reminder service for doctors and two test automation tools (Automa and Helium). In his earlier life, he worked for, Austria's largest portal for classified ads. To get in touch with Michael, send an email to michael(at)herrmann(dot)io or follow him on Twitter @m_herrmann.

Michael Herrmann

Python and Qt: 3,000 hours of developer insight

Published Thursday November 15th, 2018 | 32 Comments on Python and Qt: 3,000 hours of developer insight
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With Qt for Python released, it’s time to look at the powerful capabilities of these two technologies. This article details one solopreneur’s experiences. The task Back in 2016, I started developing a cross-platform file manager called fman. Its goal: To let you work with files more efficiently than Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac. […]

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