By Mikhail Svetkin

Software Engineer, Core & Network team

Mikhail Svetkin

QtHttpServer routing API

Published Friday February 1st, 2019 | 25 Comments on QtHttpServer routing API
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Hi everybody. First of all, I want to say thank you for all of you for the comments to the previous blog post. Today, I’m going to talk about routing, how it works, and how we implement it. Before I start, I want to clarify something. We’ve looked at many projects on GitHub, written in […]

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Mikhail Svetkin

Qt on Microcontrollers (MCU)

Published Thursday May 3rd, 2018 | 16 Comments on Qt on Microcontrollers (MCU)
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People often ask us about if it’s possible to use Qt for software development on microcontrollers (MCU), and if Qt can run without an operating system (“bare metal”). Today we will answer these questions and show you some concrete examples and demonstrations. What is the point of using microcontrollers? MCUs are small computers on a single integrated circuit. They’re […]

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