Gesture Recognizers

Shawn Rutledge

Say hello to Qt Quick Pointer Handlers

Published Thursday November 23rd, 2017 | 20 Comments on Say hello to Qt Quick Pointer Handlers
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We’ve known for several years that our multi-touch support in Qt Quick has been inadequate for many use cases.  We have PinchArea, to handle two-finger scaling, rotation and dragging; and MultiPointTouchArea, which can at least be used to show some sort of interactive feedback for the touchpoints, or maybe you could write a little state […]

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Lorn Potter

Qt Sensor Gestures

Published Friday July 20th, 2012 | 13 Comments on Qt Sensor Gestures
Posted in Gesture Recognizers, Qt, Qt Sensors, QtMobility

Here in sunny Brisvegas, ‘stralia, we have been doing more than not wearing shoes all year, we have been working all kinds of hard on QtDeclarative, QtMultimedia, QtLocation, QtSystems and QtSensors… oh ya, can’t forget Quality Assurance/CI System. Of course, the most exciting one of these is QSensorGestures!  With QtDeclarative, Qt3d, QtMultimedia and QtSensorGestures, you […]

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