Laszlo Agocs

Towards an Improved Qt 3D Studio Runtime

Published Monday December 11th, 2017 | 10 Comments on Towards an Improved Qt 3D Studio Runtime
Posted in Declarative UI, Embedded, Graphics, OpenGL, Qt 3D, Qt 3D Studio, Roadmap

Now that Qt 3D Studio 1.0 has been released, it is time to have a sneak peek at some of the upcoming developments. As outlined in the release announcement, there is work on-going to move the runtime, meaning the engine that renders and runs the scenes, on top of Qt 3D. Let’s take a closer […]

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Svenn-Arne Dragly

Increasing the number of lights in Qt 3D

Published Tuesday December 5th, 2017 | Comments Off on Increasing the number of lights in Qt 3D
Posted in Dev Loop, Graphics, OpenGL, Qt 3D

While it is possible to draw scenes with almost unlimited numbers of lights using deferred rendering in Qt 3D, the default materials in Qt 3D Extras have been limited to eight lights because they are tied to forward rendering. Although we apply a few tricks that allow you to define more than eight lights in […]

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Stefan Larndorfer


Published Friday July 28th, 2017 | 16 Comments on QML vs. HTML5
Posted in Automotive, Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, C++, cross-platform, Declarative UI, Design, effectiveness, efficiency, Embedded, Embedded World, framework, Guest Blog, HTML vs Qt, Internet of Things, OpenGL, Performance, QML 을 시작합시다., Qt, Qt Quick, Qt Quick 2, Qt Quick 2.0, Qt Quick Controls, UI

Guest post by Stefan Larndorfer at sequality Mobile devices have set the standard in terms of responsiveness and user-friendliness for HMIs across industries. Manufacturers of cars, medical equipment, industrial automation systems and consumer electronics now want to replicate this great user experience for their embedded devices. To find out which technology strategy we should select we […]

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Laszlo Agocs

Let There Be Shapes!

Published Friday July 7th, 2017 | 11 Comments on Let There Be Shapes!
Posted in Declarative UI, Dev Loop, Graphics, OpenGL, Painting, Qt Quick, UI

One of the new features of the upcoming Qt 5.10 is the introduction of the shapes plugin to Qt Quick. This allows adding stroked and filled paths composed of lines, quadratic curves, cubic curves, and arcs into Qt Quick scenes. While this has always been possible to achieve via QQuickPaintedItem or the Canvas type, the […]

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Jesús Fernández

Qt WebGL Streaming merged

Published Friday July 7th, 2017 | 54 Comments on Qt WebGL Streaming merged
Posted in Dev Loop, OpenGL, QPA, Qt, Qt Quick, Qt Quick 2, Qt Quick Controls | Tags: , , ,

Some time ago I published a couple of blog posts talking about Qt WebGL Streaming plugin. The time has come, and the plugin is finally merged into the Qt repository. In the meantime, I worked on stabilization, performance and reducing the calls sent over the network. It also changed a bit in the way the […]

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Laszlo Agocs

Vulkan Support in Qt 5.10 – Part 3

Published Monday July 3rd, 2017 | Comments Off on Vulkan Support in Qt 5.10 – Part 3
Posted in Android, C++, Dev Loop, Graphics, OpenGL, QPA, Vulkan

In the previous posts (part 1, part 2) we covered the introduction and basic Vulkan instance creation bits. It is time to show something on the screen! QWindow or QVulkanWindow? If everything goes well, the release of Qt 5.10 will come with at least 5 relevant examples. These are the following (with links to the […]

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Laszlo Agocs

Vulkan Support in Qt 5.10 – Part 2

Published Friday June 16th, 2017 | Comments Off on Vulkan Support in Qt 5.10 – Part 2
Posted in Android, Dev Loop, Graphics, OpenGL, QPA, Vulkan, Windows

In the previous instalment we looked at the background for Qt 5.10’s upcoming Vulkan support. Let’s now start digging out into the details. Obtaining a Vulkan-Enabled Qt Build When building Qt from sources on Windows, Linux or Android, Vulkan support is enabled automatically whenever a Vulkan header is detected in the build environment. Windows is […]

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Laszlo Agocs

Qt from git on the Tinkerboard (with Wayland)

Published Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 | 6 Comments on Qt from git on the Tinkerboard (with Wayland)
Posted in Dev Loop, Embedded, Graphics, OpenGL, QPA, Qt Quick

The Asus Tinkerboard is a nice little board for Embedded Linux (or Android, for that matter), based on the Rockchip RK3288 SoC including a quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 CPU and a Mali-T760 MP4 (T764) GPU. Besides being quite powerful, it has the advantage of being available locally in many countries, avoiding the need to import the […]

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