Qt hidden gems

Published Friday April 1st, 2011 | 28 Comments on Qt hidden gems
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As it happens to me usually, talking on IRC revealed another interesting topic to talk about. One developer was asking a question why part of his application window suddenly became blank after the mouse entered the window. Even though it’s not really my area of expertise, I guessed it was related to painting, so after […]

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Qt Creator – first recap

Published Tuesday November 4th, 2008 | Comments Off on Qt Creator – first recap
Posted in KDE, QtCreator, Rants

Putting a new idea, or a preview of a new project, into the open is always risky. You know it’s not ready, you know it has flaws. You see the potential, but you don’t know if others will also see it. You know you must quickly respond to feedback, but if things go very well […]

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Rant: Desktop effects? Never more.

Published Friday August 22nd, 2008 | Comments Off on Rant: Desktop effects? Never more.
Posted in KDE, Rants

Disclaimer: this is a rant. I have been trying for the past few days to make desktop effects work and not use 90% of my CPU. I am frustrated, so this blog will step on people’s toes. Maybe you shouldn’t read it. I remember when I was using KDE 3 and I enabled the desktop […]

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